Sunday, September 26, 2004

Write up and poll

Poll first:

** the weekend of the 9/10th is probably
taken care on to the next hash.

OUR ANNIVERSARY HASH: following hash guidelines,
this should be the 26th, a Tuesday.

So when would you most likely go to a hash:
a) Tuesday Night the 26th
b) Daytime hash the weekend of the 23rd/24th
c) Daytime hash the weekend of the 30th/31st
d) (if you won't be coming regardless,
you don't need to respond)

So this weekend, the 26th, there was a Liberty
Bell Hash that several Blue
Hens attended:
Kojaack Sack
Forgot your Name
Math Imp
Water Fowl
Comes Early (??)

The trail was long. There was much shiggy
quite a bit of auto hashing. The FRB/FRBst-in
(Ped-ofile was so early to the beer check,
the auto hashers the beer were not here yet.....
so he ran to the on-in, turned around and came back.
Then he lead us to the on-in. Were
the cirlce was cut short. Beer was drunk and
tex/tex mexd was eaten.

Water Fowl still has shirts, though we
discussed what the next shirt
shoushouldk like. Agreement for the big DE/foot
thing on the back. Kojack sack suggestion for the front is
"Eat me, I'm a carrot". Other suggestion, "Delaware's Oldest
hash" made to look somewhat like the YingLing logo.

All in all, it was another shitty trail.

Math Imp

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hash, on the 26th

Liberty Bell Hash #83

hared by Crusty Calves
(with help from fellow leg part, Thunder Thighs, and
her bitch)

3 p.m. -- Sunday, September 26th

Make your weekend a True Hashers Dream. Run the
Philly Full Moon Hash Friday, September 24th; your
local hash group (Philly or Hockessin) on Saturday,
September 25th; then the 83rd Liberty Bell Hash on
Sunday, September 26th!!!

The Liberty Bell hash will take place in the Wilds of
NewArk, Delaware. (For you Philly folks, thats only
about 10-12 minutes south of Wilmington!!!) Since the
hare lives in the area of the hash, she is requiring
that hashers run in disguise. Dont worry  Crusty
will provide you with a disguise.

Immediately following the hash will be a Mexican Feast
at Crustys! The menu, so far, consists of: BEER,
steak & chicken fajitas, BEER, bean & corn salad,
BEER, taco dip, BEER, Mexican chicken wings, BEER,
tortilla chips & salsa, BEER, some type of chocolate
dessert and maybe some BEER.

NOTE TO EAGLES FANS: Dont worry about missing the
Eagles game. After all, theyre only playing the
Lions. Just record it and watch it later!!!! The
game is at 1 p.m., so you can watch the beginning of
the game, then listen to it on the radio on the way to
the hash and by the time were done hashing, you can
get the Eagles winning score and highlights of the
game on the radio!!!

DErections are as follows:

>From I-95 North take Exit 3 (273 toward Dover). Stay
in the left lane. The exit will take you over I-95.
At the next intersection make a right onto Chapman
Road. You will see an Exxon on your right and
University Plaza on your left. Follow Chapman Road to
the second light. At the second light (Dunkin Donuts
on your right, Christiana High School on your left),
make a left onto Salem Church Road. Park in the
Christiana High School parking lot facing Salem Church
Road and hash.

>From I-95 South take Exit 3. Stay to the right. At
the intersection, make a right onto Chapman Road, then
follow the directions from above.

If you get lost or need better directions, call Crusty
Calves at (302) 368-9499 or (302) 593-0017.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Next hash: September 26th

Possibility of hashing with the Liberty Bell Hash, in Newark.

Web page:

Note: Not updated yet for the 26th

Sunday, September 12, 2004

We have spawned a new hash......

on on dudes,
the blue hen sept 11 contra hash --- also the inagural run of the r7h3 "7th region (of Chile) hhh" occured in the town of ColbĂșn in central Chile. three hashers were in attendance, Vaseline Alley, Chilean Cherry Pie, and Just Lad.... and the write up will fill you in on the details.
so there we were on a cool spring day (september is spring time down here). The hash stepped off from the front porch of a stately yet rustic spanish colonial hacienda..on to the side yard where a check led us through some shiggy....and followed the side of the house to a carcass of a car rumored to have once been a Citroen. on the hood of the car was a beer near....and in what was once the glove box was the golden nectar of hashers everywhere.
the trail led over a barbed wire fence, but in true blue hen fashion, we all shortcutted through the house and picked up trail on the other side...yeah..down down offenses round. passed a cactus, some more shiggy, and 2 outhouses.... check along another damn fence and circled around through someone's hanging laundry, and into a wine cellar. Out the otherside onto a porch and around to the back by a 20 odd year old french pick up truck....and a beer near....more libations.
after torturing more foul..sorry, not water foul....on on to the main road and along the iron fence a ways.....then into the fence to a little shelter over the plumbing service for the hacienda and the on in.
more libation...
circle jerks include...
first in (just lad)
last in (vaseline alley)
hare (vaseline alley)
FRB (just lad)
short cutting bastards (chilean cherry pie and vaseline alley)
and there was a naming.
Just Lad will hence forth be known as Lap Dance.
office erections...
acting RA vaseline gives up post
acting on sec vaseline alley gives up post
RA (chilean cherry pie)
hash cash (chilean cherry pie)
on sec (chilean cherry pie)
GM (Chilean Cherry Pie)
will send later the link to the hash's web page.....where photos can be laughed at
on on
vaseline alley

Saturday, September 11, 2004

9/11 hash details

Hares: Waterfoul and Kojack Sack

When: Saturday, 9/11

Where: SuperDuperFresh parking lot New London Rd.

D-erections: From Main St. in Newark
1) Make a right after the Deer Park onto 896 / New London Rd
2) Continue on New London Rd across Cleveland Ave and up the hill
3) Pull into the SuperDuperFresh parking lot on your left
4) Get naked
5) Blow me
6) Give Waterfoul your wallet ***$5
7) Go away

Trail: No idea - probably suburban, but I'll do my best to find some
shiggy. It's not supposed to rain Friday or Saturday, but it's
fucking Newark so a dry bag would still be a good idea. The trail
should be gimp friendly - worst (best?) case we eat the casualties.

BTW, it will be Fuk Stiks birfday. He may even show up if he can
scrape enough brain cells up after Burning Man to navigate north.


Kojack Sack

Monday, September 06, 2004

Saturday Sept 11

OK, trail will be Saturday at 14:00.  Location will be 896N-ish.  More

details and d-erections to follow. Waterfoul and I may co-hare.


kojack sack