Monday, April 06, 2015

BH4 AGM: 4/26

When: Sunday April 26th, 2pm HST

Where: 4 Alford Court Newark, DE
What: BH4 AGM (where new occifers are conscripted)
Hares: THFKASchporto and WaterFoul
$$: Std Hash Cash of $5!
Dogs: Probably not very dog friendly
Kids: OK at apres, maybe not so much on trail
Dry Bag:  Its Delaware.  In April.  On a THFKAS trail.  So that points to yes.  But WaterFoul is also haring.  That points to no.  What will it be?  

Other items of note 
- yes there will be an apres with food.
- just because you're not there doesn't mean you wont become a BH4 officer.
- There is no number 6.