Thursday, September 13, 2007

anniverary hash coming up

This October marks the 15 year anniversary of the Blue Hen Hash House

To celebrate this Milestone, we will be gathering somewhere in the
vicinity of Newark, DE for three days of hashing, drinking, and ... as you
could probably expect ... Stupidity.

This event will occur the weekend of November 2nd through the 4th, with a
pub crawl on Friday, the main anniversary run on Saturday, and likely some
sort of hangover run on Sunday.

The exact details are still being worked out, but you have been warned.
Please forward as appropriate.

fuk stik

(and THFKAS)
GM Emeritus, Blue Hen Hash House Harriers
RA Pittsburgh H3

ps If you think you're likely to attend, drop us a note so we have a
general idea of how many people to expect.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor day weekened hash write up

So there was a hash Sunday, September the 2nd, 2007 AD

Hashers present:
Toxic Waste
Devil Woman
Beardless Clam
Mary Fucking Poppins

And of course, many, many others.

The slobbering pack met at Timothy's on the white clay creek water front
and enjoyed a pint or two before hand. Toxic and Thfkas were hares. Around
2:20 or 2:30 or so we departed and went up the hill to Cleveland Avenue,
and then On On! we went back down the hill past the front of Timothys, and
speaking of fronts, our first FRB, Bitchard, spotted a mark on the other
side of the bridge, and thus saved us from having to do a water crossing
across the white clay. And thus cutting the time that it took to do the
trail significantly.

On! On!, we took a right at old Paper Mill road and went up the hill to
the reservoir.

On! On! We jogged, sort of, on the reservoir path and then down into the
wood we went to our first booze near. That's right booze near, for their
was no beer, in good old blue hen tradition we past around a large plastic
bottle of Thfka's own bloody mary mix. Then off again through the woods we
went and encountered a check. The hares came up with a clever trick to
send as many people as they could in the wrong direction by continuing to lay
marks in a direction already marked as a false trail. So off Woody went
into an adjacent neighborhood by the woods never to be seen until we were
almost done at the second booze near. Where we had some sort of clever
concoction made up of Hawaiin Punch and many kinds of liquor. At this point my
memory becomes kind of hazy.

So, On! On! we went through the woods and up a hill until we came out
behind the Shoppes at Louviers and had our On In at some restaurant there,
where we were joined by Troma Queen, and Just Silver. We did downs downs with
baby pints, or midget pints, or half pints or something like that, then
several of us made a rondevous at He Needed the Money's famous annual labor
day party where we were joined by several other of the most notorious
Hashus interruptors.

All in all, it was another shitty trail. Stay tuned for the next possible
Blue Hen trail, possibly laid by Bitchard possibly on a Sunday possibly in
Wilmington possibly earlier than usual.

On! On!
Your nominal GM, Mary Fukin Poppins.