Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 28th hash

What? Blue Hen Hash #2 (of 2010)

When? Sunday, 3pm (Not 2), Febuary 28th, 2010 AD

Where? Parking Lot of Nottingham Green Swim Club on the corners of
Radcliffe Drive and Fiske Lane, Newark DE, 19711. (In case there ends
up being another 8 feet of snow dumped on us between now and then, the
said parking lot probably won't be plowed so try parking somewhere in
the nearby area)

Who? MFP

Why? Because football season is over, the Olympics will probably be
over, and its the end of the month already and no one else was dumb
enough to volunteer to hare trail yet.

Hash Cash? 5 big ones. For this you will get beer, some type of food,
and, if the usual crowd shows up, plenty of debauchery.

As far as I can decide;

Dogs, kids and annoying foreign co-workers who like to complain about
the weather are okay to bring along. But don't expect this hare to
provide baby food, a mussel, or the New Revised Standard edition of
the Holy Bible.