Thursday, January 04, 2007

Write up from Jan 1st

The pack gathered promptly @ 2ish as requested all attendees ,save

The pack:
Troma queen
Respect you in the morning
Forgot you name in the morning
Mary fucking poppins
Math Imp 8 7
Title 18 sec. 2423
One slipped past the goalie
Turkey baster
Smells like hash spirit
He needed the money
and a visiting Hockessin hasher (dripping slimy smelly but her name
Just Tom
Just Matt
Just Becky
Just Erin
Just Silver
Just Tammy
And the Hare Toxic waste

Marks were explained as they should be before any proper hash Just Erin
helping. The pack headed off in the direction of the true arrow across a
mighty highway. Trekking bravely forward across a vast plain around a hot
spring through the woods to a clearing where a BN was found.

After consuming a cool refreshing clear beverage of choice the pack was
again under the direction of our faithful hare. the rains had made the
marshy area a tad bit more soggy than when scouted but the pack trudged on
through shiggy and onto a plateau where more libations were to be found.

Once more the hounds were back on trail singing merrily around a lovely
pond through a pristine neighborhood and finally the on-in at He needed
money's lovely abode.

Circle formed awards and penalties were dished out the hare praised again
and again on his masterful trail laying ability then we broke circle for a
birthday feast.

Toxic Waste