Thursday, December 30, 2004

Saturday's Hash, update

AKA the blue dress run
So......wear something blue
(something that you are willing to show everyone)

There will be
non-beer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on trail
there will also be
decent beer, shitty-hash beer (as usual)
and snacks on trail.

January 1st 2005
run start: He needed the Money's house
run time: 1:00 pm
run lenght:fairly short, this is designed to be a walking hash
hare: the math imp and whoever she can make help her
hash cash: maybe he'll come to this one
(oh, the cost $5)

remember: this is also a rocky night

and it is right now forcasted to be fairly warm

--Math Imp 8 b 7

Sunday, December 19, 2004

next hash

January 1st
run start: He needed the Money's house
(more details to come)
start time: probably 1:00

more details to come