Monday, April 09, 2012


The results of this years elections for the Blue Hen hash, I recall are

Dirty Wet Pussy: Hash Harlot again, and Hare razor

Toxic Waste: Hash Cash again

Tits of Steel: Religious Advisor

And for GM we now have two individuals named to that office; Crash Test Dummy, AKA Toby, AKA Devil Womans dog, and Gomez, neither who were present at the election in fine Blue Hen tradition.

Upon being informed of his new position, Gomez issued his first order which is to disband the Blue Hen hash all together, but I guess he has to confer with the dog for that to be final.

Great Job guys!


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Blue Hen H3 Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) will be held this Saturday at 3 pm.

It will be a joint run with Hockessin H3 and I will be co-haring.

Where: Wilmington, DE
When: 3 pm, Saturday April 7th
Why: because this is what we do once a month
How Much: hash cash is around $5

Elections to follow the circle.

More details:
Who: Just Eric, Dirty Wet P*ssy & Fuk Stik

When: Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Where: Alapocas Run State Park

D'erections: Get your self to 95 (south from Philly)/ (North from points south of wilmington) take the 202 north exit, go about 3 or so lights working your self to the left turn lane turn Left (light at astra Zenaca) road jig jogs, turn Left on Alapocas drive. follow direction as below.

or you can take exit north on 141 off 95. cross the bridge turning left then go a little further up and Turn right onto Alapocas Drive after passing the Dupont Experimental Station. Turn right into the Alapocas Ball Fields.

What else: With the damm bunnies out and about multiplying bring out those Sunday Bonnets and Baskets. and see if we cant clean up some of those eggs. their might be a little something for the Best bonnet or basket.

Dog friendly? yes on trail not at the apres

Hash Cash: $5.00