Tuesday, November 01, 2005

write up

so there was a hash, believe if or not.

Hashers Present Were

Vaseline Alley, as the Pope

Smells Like Hash Spirit

Mary Fukin Poppins

A visitor from Hockassin, Homo Erectus I think his name was.

So the large pack began with a trail live hared by Vaseline Alley from the
park in shop, marks laid with coffee creamer we followed, over the hill
through the parking garage led us to the crab trap. Beers were drank, Mary
Poppins picked up the flour, er I mean coffee creamer and laid the trail
more until it happened to run out, very fortunately, in front of the place
was once called the Deer Park. Beers were drank, songs were sung. The idea
popped up among the hashers that they would crash a party where people who
once hashers were there, but were too busy rolling dice and pretending to
wizards and what not. But alas, word had that there was a baby asleep and
pack departed.

Yes there was a hash, whether you like it or not.

On On.