Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hash write up

So we had yet another hash on June the 20th, 2009 AD.

Hashers Present: ToxicWaste, Wickwacker, Skidmarks, Mary Fucking Poppins, Thfkas, Devil Woman, Butthead, Badlay, Crashtest Dummy, and many, many others. Well not really.

Since of course this was the first BH4 hash in a while to have a reasonable length of trail, was well marked, and had a good amount of space between beer stops, of course it rained, lots of people got stuck with their kids for the weekend, and we ended up with 7 people, a dog, and of course a bunch of deer ticks. But a shitty good time we had anyway.

The slobber pack met up at the park and ride on South College Avenue and route 4 on the same day of20the famous annual Blue and Gold game being played next door. But unlike the other tailgating folks in the area, we had with us a variety of hard and soft liquor provided by our new RA, Skidmarks that was left over from the hash camping weekend before, as we waited for our dear hare THFKAS to get out of the door.

We began circling up and knew we were running late when Bad Lay and Devil arrived as usual.

On! On!
The hare pointed the general direction of trail towards South College Avenue and away from Newark and off we went. We found the first mark across the street and almost in front of Bad Lay’s old pad.

On! On!
Trail we nt behind the Boston Market chicken place, but we stopped for no chicken. Then it curbed up Welsh Tract Rd where we found a check by the Belavista Condos. Bad Lay who disappeared earlier than reappeared guessed the right general direction of trail but those who followed could find no marks, because they were placed in the most obvious of places. The Hare caught up to us and the pack was back together again. Through some shiggy we went and then out to Folk Park where Skidmarks and Bad Lay ran right passed the big old BN on the picnic table without seeing it because of course it was too obvious. The rest of the pack caught up and called back the FRB’s and we enjoyed a jar of heavily pulped orange juice and gin, which is a staple of any Thfkas trail. After we passed the jar around a couple of times some hashers began to wonder what large fuzzy chunky forms in the beverage were there after we opened the jar.

On! On!
The hare pointed us towards Chestnut Hill Rd and on our mary fucking way we went. Out onto the road and into the neighborhood, by that swimming club, the trail led. It took a right at a wood path and led to a check. There was a false20straight ahead, and the way we came from was roughly to the right, so of course true trail involved crossing the raging river to the left. MFP, Devil Woman, and Bad Lay decided to skip it all, back track to a bridge and crawl through an extra amount of shiggy to get to the next beer stop in the brush across the creek. We enjoyed for the first time in awhile, Honey Brown Lager of all things. Crash Test Dummy made sure to cleanse the top of each beer can with his tongue before hand.

On! On!
We followed trail in the rain though the brush to a sewer pipe crossing that seemed more dangerous than a creek crossing so thus the pack decided to skip that.

On! On!
Out behind the Newark industrial complex we were and cutting back to the woods and another sewer pipe crossing that we all decided to take this time.

On! On!
Out onto Route 4/ Christiana Parkway, and back into the woods of Rittenhouse where we found the On! In! at an old favorite pavilion used in many Blue Hen Hashes of Yor. Thfkas ran back to his car during the 5 minutes it wasn’t raining to grab the beer and make sure this hash wouldn’t be a big bore.

We circled up with our new RA, who had to use our former RA as a crutch cause I guess he forgot to bring his pen and paper that he always uses to run circles at that other hash in the area. We did down downs out of disposable shot glasses and nobody cared because basically we were once again way more drunk than we planned on being that early in the day. Bad Thfkas! Bad!!!

So, MFP got first in. Wickwacker drank for being a visitor, nobody20drank for hashes interruptus, the three fathers of the group drank for that, several hashers bared their genatallia for all to see, and yadda, yadda, yadda, we all had to be some where else after another blue hen trail that was of course shitty.

Stay Tuned for the next Blue Hen Hash, probabally hared by MFP, probabally the second or third weekend of July.

On! On!

Friday, June 19, 2009

More on the 6/20 hash

Few new details.
Kid friendly: not really, but the checks can take kids.
Dogs: probably ok
Dry Bag: might be a good idea
Oh and I hope the RA is doing his job and holding off the rain...

Oh and bug spray would be a good idea


Sunday, June 14, 2009

hash on 6/20

What: BH4 hash
Where: 896 & 4 park and ride
When: 6/20/2009 2:00pm hst (yes saturday)
Hare: thfkas
$$$: 5 as usual
Kids/dogs/etc: info to follow

Monday, June 01, 2009

Future hashes

a plan
a plan boss a plan

Future hashes:

June 21 (or maybe the 20th): Vaselline Alley
July 18: MFPoppins
Aug 23: THFKAS
Oct: FukStick.

more details to come