Sunday, September 12, 2004

We have spawned a new hash......

on on dudes,
the blue hen sept 11 contra hash --- also the inagural run of the r7h3 "7th region (of Chile) hhh" occured in the town of ColbĂșn in central Chile. three hashers were in attendance, Vaseline Alley, Chilean Cherry Pie, and Just Lad.... and the write up will fill you in on the details.
so there we were on a cool spring day (september is spring time down here). The hash stepped off from the front porch of a stately yet rustic spanish colonial hacienda..on to the side yard where a check led us through some shiggy....and followed the side of the house to a carcass of a car rumored to have once been a Citroen. on the hood of the car was a beer near....and in what was once the glove box was the golden nectar of hashers everywhere.
the trail led over a barbed wire fence, but in true blue hen fashion, we all shortcutted through the house and picked up trail on the other side...yeah..down down offenses round. passed a cactus, some more shiggy, and 2 outhouses.... check along another damn fence and circled around through someone's hanging laundry, and into a wine cellar. Out the otherside onto a porch and around to the back by a 20 odd year old french pick up truck....and a beer near....more libations.
after torturing more foul..sorry, not water foul....on on to the main road and along the iron fence a ways.....then into the fence to a little shelter over the plumbing service for the hacienda and the on in.
more libation...
circle jerks include...
first in (just lad)
last in (vaseline alley)
hare (vaseline alley)
FRB (just lad)
short cutting bastards (chilean cherry pie and vaseline alley)
and there was a naming.
Just Lad will hence forth be known as Lap Dance.
office erections...
acting RA vaseline gives up post
acting on sec vaseline alley gives up post
RA (chilean cherry pie)
hash cash (chilean cherry pie)
on sec (chilean cherry pie)
GM (Chilean Cherry Pie)
will send later the link to the hash's web page.....where photos can be laughed at
on on
vaseline alley


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