Monday, August 28, 2006

Write up for this past Saturday's Hash

Saturday the 26th of August, 2006 there was yet another Blue Hen
Hash, I think that might be the fourth one this year. Fortunately for this
stricken area, we yet again succeeded in bringing the rain with us. The
met on this cloudy day out in front of the Iron Skillet parking lot in
old Elkton, MD. The Hashers present were, just to name a few; Reach
Around, I'll
Respect you In the Morning, Mary Fuckin Poppins, a friendly canine
and many, many others. The pack got a call from our Hare, Kojack Sack,
where to pick up the trail, and off we went barreling down the median of
Rd at 2:45, very punctual for us. The trail disapeared around State line
liquors, then reappeared around the corner, then went to Delaware, then
then Delaware, then somewhere over I-95, then under 95. We found beers
for us at an amtrack over pass, then caught up with the hare on Otts
Road. The pack was dragging ass, and the sun was going down, so the hare
us autohash a few miles. More beers were drank by some high tension power
lines, and the On In was behind a Cracker Barrel, or was it a Taco Bell?
Why are
you still reading this? Do you have no life? Don't you have some work to
Anyway, MFP got the first In penalty, I'll respect you in the Morning had
drink for some reason, Reach around drank on behalf of his dog. Songs were
and the pack departed before the hard rain came back.
All in all it was another shitty trail.

On! On!