Monday, June 28, 2004

Bar Crawl: July 3rd

there has been rumors of a pub crawl july 3rd...I wish
to dispell those rumors and state for the record that
there is indeed a pub crawl on that date.

the pack and whomever else shall gather at 645pm at
teh (b)East End cafe on Main Street in Newark.

for those of you who do not know where that is, use
mapquest... the intersection is E Main St and Tyre
Ave. - 19711

Ok...hash cash will be pay as you will be
what we can find.....and try to eat a little before
you come because like the past crawl..we'll probably
get real tore up.

I apologize for being a ass-nasty hare, wait, no I
don't....I enjoy it.



Saturday, June 26, 2004

Hash Update

Yes there was a hash.

Turkey baster has volunteered to be on-sec. (no, I do not know if this shall be in haiku/limerick/Shakespearian/Dr Suese)

Hash addition: Bar crawl for July 3rd, Saturday. Hare: V.A (the) R.A.

More to cum.

--Math Imp

Friday, June 25, 2004

Hash Announcement!!

By way of he needed the money:

Kojak Sack asked me to send this out.

Run Start: First industrial park on left (east) side of Elkton Rd after Rt
I think it's the one with Tecot Electric in the front?
If you can't find it, call him.
Time: 3:00 pm
Date: Sat, Jun. 26th
Hares: Kojack Sack

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Yahoo Mail problems

I'd say the hash write up is about complete. Well, I can't get to anymore email haiku verses, as yahoo mail is having issues. I can't wait to see just how many messages I have when I can finally get back in. It's been a day now.

FYI: next hash is planned for the 26th of June. This is a Saturday. Hopefully email will be working and we will all get the hash announcement soon.

--Math Imp

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Hash Haiku

(OK, so my syllables may be off......)

The thirteenth of June
There was a blue hen hash, yes
With shiggy and mud

An on-sec was picked
It is now the seventeenth
No write up in sight

Math Imp, a bit pissed
Now wants the write up to be
written in Haiku

Schporto and Kojack,
you two have had some practice
write a verse or two

(and the rest of the blue hens, even if you weren't there, YOU TOO)

--Math Imp 8 b 7

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

New Math Imp clothing line (hey, j.lo can do it...) Posted by Hello

Hash Write up?

Still waiting for the official word from the elected on-sec....But there was a hash.

Yes, it was shiggy-licoius. There were multiple mud and water crossings. My shoes smell like #@&* again. Fun.

It appears that Kojack Sak and Comes Early (who is rumored to be renamed as Comes Early tomorrow, or something of that nature) have been nominated to hare the next hash on the 26th. Or was it just Kojack?

And Doke says we scare the Rocky people. And that just makes the Math Imp smile.

The Math Imp is making herself a new hash shirt, with HER name on it. We will see how this goes.

Until the write up is posted....on-on.
--Math Imp, 8 b 7

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hash on June 13th

Yes there will be a hash this weekend.

Sunday June 13th.


Start at Acme Suburban plaza (on Elkton Road at end of Rt 4)

There will be water crossing (s)
There will be shiggy.
There will be beer.
Hopefully there will not be any shotguns.

Hash Cash ~$5


Saturday, June 05, 2004

Is it flour or anthrax....Again

Seems another group of hashers is in trouble again for flour. Just when you thought it was safe to use flour...Here we go again.....(hmmm spell check wants to replace hashers with either washers or warriors....)

(in case you can't get the link's one story)

Suspicious Powder Explained

June 4, 2004 — Philadelphia police know who was behind last night's hazardous materials scare outside the US Mint in Center City. Just after 9:30, someone was spotted sprinkling powder outside the Mint in the 100 block of North 5th Street. The powder turned out to be cornstarch.

Investigators say a running group, the Hash House Harriers, was behind the incident.

The front runners use piles of corn starch to mark their trail so slower runners know where to go.

(Copyright 2004 by Action News. All Rights Reserved.)