Friday, July 25, 2008

Hash Aug 3rd

who: Beardless Clam
when: Sunday Aug.3, 2008 2pm
where: my house 240 Garfield Ave Norwood Pa 19074
why: thats the date they gave me and there's nothing better to do plus there is another hash on saturday in this area
how much: $5

directions: 95n exit 9b take 420 right at 2nd light onto Chester pike(rt 13) 3rd light make a left onto Amosland rd go over train bridge 1st street past Interboro high school make a right onto Trites ave 3rd stop sign is Garfield ave my house is on the corner on the right
park on the street or in the driveway if there is room :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey Blue Henners,

Skidmarks is hosting a Bar-Mitzphah in honor of Just Nina, whose hashed with us a few times before, coming of age- whatever age that is.

The pub crawl starts at the East End at 7pm, this Saturday July 19th.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hash Write Up

So we had a hash, on Sunday July the 13th, 2008 AD

It was a true Blue Hen disaster, I mean Hash, with railroad tracks, double secret beverage stops, people showing up hours late, and the cops called on us……again.

Hashers Present: (Or who made an appearance before, during, or shortly after the hash)

Fuk Stik Spandox
Title 18 I’ll Forget Your Name in the Mourning
Butthead/Bad Lay I’ll Respect You in the Mourning
Devil Woman Thfkas
Crash Test Dummy Sand in Strange Places
Ma ry Fucking Poppins He Needed the Money
Dazed and Confused Tammy (Whose hash name I forgot)

So the slobbering pack met at Leroy Hill Park around 2pm HST. Dazed and Confused, who is relatively new to BH4, and who didn’t realize that its normal at a Blue Hen Hash for nobody to be there on time, thought he might have been at the wrong park and started to leave the parking lot at 2:05. Fortunately Fuk Stik and MFP saw him in time and waved him back.

We were then joined by Thkfas and I’ll Respect You, who20were too burned out and overwhelmed with household chores to go on trail, but had a couple minutes to hang out.

Then arrived Butthead, Devil Woman and Crash test Dummy.

Then the last to arrive at least at the start of Trail, totally burnt out from his bachelor party the night before and on an empty stomach, was the man of the hour Title 18. Somehow he was able to make it out, but most of you turds couldn’t. Ha! So there was more beer for the rest of us.

On! On!
The slobbering pack set out towards the direction of Barksdale Park for another trail hared by MFP. Looked like trail was gonna go straight to He Needed the Money’s House, but it took a sharp right into Barksdale Park. MFP scooted off to man the first Be er Check. Butthead and Crash test Dummy went off trail as usual and somehow managed to find another leg of it, and therefore somehow managed to get to the first beer stop about a half hour before everybody else did.

The rest of the pack actually followed the whole trail, checked out all the checks and falses, got delayed on the railroad tracks by a CSX inspector, and stopped by Spandox’s place on Madison, where the trail went by. They had a double secret Tequila Shot and Pop Tart Check. As Butthead and MFP were about to leave to find everybody else, the rest of the pack arrived at the first planned drink stop in front of 51 Thorn Lane. We enjoyed some cold brews and water for a while in the shade before heading off for the rest of this shitty trail.

On! On!
On this hot summer day, we went down to the end of Thorne Lane, and onto Good Ole’ Elkton Rd. And then onto the good Ole’ Mason Dixon Trail. Dazed and Confused and Devil Woman followed a False trail, which eventually led back to the true trail, and got to the next beer near before everybody else.- Of course they couldn’t find where the beer was.- If you hide it good enough for high school kids not to find it- You know hashers won’t. We enjoyed some more brews under the railroad bridge-played games with the rope that was hanging there. Crash test Dummy took a couple of swims in the Creek.

On! On!
We followed the trail some more until we got out to Barksdale Rd, then went into Cherry Hill, for where the obvious On In was gonna be, obvious to everybody other than Dazed and Confused,- because he’s only hashed with us one other time before. Butthead went the wrong way again, but caught up with us later. Fuk Stik and Title 18, and everybody else decided to hang out with He Needed the Money’s next door neighbor for about hour, talking about Volkswagens and such in an effort to keep him from calling the cops on us again- This didn’t pay off.

On! On!
We arrived at He Needed the Moneys place. Sand In Strange Places, who happens to live there, got out of bed in time for circle, and for the pizza, and for the cops.

Yep that’s right, even though we had a barely ten minute long circle- with about 7 people- at moderate volume- before 6pm- we managed to get the cops called on us again!
We got off with another meaningless warning, since it was before noise ordinance hours and there was no one under 30 drinking there. Case in point- lets never end a hash at He Needed the Money’s place again, at least not when U of D is out of session, cause Newark’s finest got nothing better to do.

Dazed and Confused got a down- down for being first in. Sand in strange Places got a down-down, for well- he wasn’t exactly an auto hasher. MFP, Fuk Stik and Butthead got down-downs for being GM’s or Former GM’s. Fuk Stik awarded yours truly with the official Blue Hen mug in appreciation for going above and beyond to keep this hash alive for a little while longer. (Actually, I think Thfkas deserves that way more than me- but since I got it. I’m keeping it).

Hashes, Yep, hashes are not meant to be taken too seriously. Hashes should not be taken too seriously. But you need to have a few morons who take it a little bit seriously some of the time or else we wouldn’t have any.

Later on, He Needed the Money got out of bed and joined us. Then I’ll Forget Your Name in the Mourning and Mathematical Impossibility showed up. Then Just Tammy (Title 18’s bride to be-whose hash name I forgot) came by A merry good time was had.

But all in all,………..

It was another damn shitty trail!!!!

Stay tuned for the next possibly Blue Hen trail possibly hared by I’ll Forget Your Name in the Mourning, possibly a couple of weeks from now. And for a pub-crawl hosted by Skidmarks starting at the East End Café on Saturday, July 19th at 7pm.

On! On!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Blue Hen Hash #7 (Of 2008)

When? Sunday July 13th, 2008 AD, 2:00pm HST

Where? Leroy Hill Park,
on SW corner of Casho Mill and Barksdale Rd., Newark, DE 19711

Why? Because its the second Sunday of the month, and in honor of Title 18’s upcoming marriage. Of course, he and most of BH4 will probably not be able to make it again because they’ll be too f#!?!d up from the bachelor party the night before. This = more beer for the rest of you!

Hare ? MFP…again

Hash Cash? 5 bucks