Wednesday, February 20, 2008

write up 2/17

o….. There was a Blue Hen Hash on the Afternoon of Sunday, February the 17th 2008.

Hashers in Attendance:

Toxic Waste
Thfkas (Still wearing the same bathrobe from the Hockessin Pajama Hash)
Beardless Clam (Whining about a flu or something)
Donna (Who has a hash name but I can’t remember it now for some reason)
Donna’s Husband (Who might have a name but I defiantly can’t remember it)
Deathwish (With a hangover)
Yeast of Burden (Whining about a hangover)
Slippery Pole Bunion (His first Hash appearance since 2003, I think)
Mary Fucking Poppins
Butthead (Who appeared much later, even for him)
Crash Test Dummy (Who appeared much later with Butthead)

Squats on Request and Quato were the Hares.

The slobbering pack met at the parking lot of Battery Park in Ye’ Ole New Castle along the banks of the Delaware River. It was moderately cold and windy, so those of us sporting hoodies did our best ninja impressions. We left to follow trail at exactly 2.p.m HST (about 2:17 standard time).

On! On! We followed the walking/ running trail along the bank of the Delaware. We went through some mud and sand. We took a right into a mulch dump and found a BN, but, there was no beer anywhere near!!!, At least for us FRB’s after about 15 minutes or so Squats ran up with the drinks, very apologitically and tried to act like this was the first time he hared a trail or something. We drank our beers rather quickly and out of the mulch dump and into the street we went.

On! On! We went through some mud, and over some train tracks and came across the second beer near. This time it only took about a minute for the frantic and panicky hare to arrive with the booze. Death Wish entertained us at the beer stop by climbing up a high voltage power line pole with one hand behind his back. Several members of the pack suggested that Yeast of Burden should take out an insurance policy on him.

On! On! Down the railroad tracks we went, through some more mud, into a parking lot, and back the streets and cobblestone sidewalks of Ye’ Ole New Castle. Ironically 2 out of the 3 smokers of the group, Beardless Clam and MFP marathon ran to the end, while everyone else huffed and puffed and waddled down the trail. They stood in shock for a while looking at the On In mark in front of Jessop’s restaurant, a nice quiet place that we wouldn’t expect would be expecting us. It was about this time that Butthead and his dog Toby, I mean Crash Test dummy, finally caught up to the rest of us.

Technically Skidmarks was first in, cause he was the first one to walk in the door, but in our nice quiet little psuedo circle ceremony, in that nice quiet restaurant, that didn’t count, and MFP and BC had to do moderate down downs with Old Latrobe, the closest thing to hash beer they had available. Some other people had to drink for something. Some people got some food and we got to play with the dismembered heads from a plate of cray fish that Thfkas ordered.

All in all it was another shitty trail.

Stay tuned for the next possible Blue Hen hash possibly hared by Toxic Waste possibly on Saint Patties Day weekend possibly for the purpose of annoying his neighbors. We should be good at that.

Stay tuned for the next probable/definite Blue Hen hash on the 26th of April, the AGM, probably/ definitely hared by MFP, or a back up.

So let that be the first thing we put on our nice, new, empty calendar, WEB GEEKS!

On! On!

Your nominal GM


Friday, February 15, 2008

hash this SUnday

When: This sunday
Where: Tennis courts across from Battery Park
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When: 2 PM

Maybe a dinner afterward depending on people.