Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Write up for Blue Hen's 15th Anniversary Hash Weekend

So, We had a few Hashes this past weekend to commemorate our fine 15 years?..

Pub Crawl
Hashers who showed up some time this weekend who began their hashing careers with Blue Hen, (In no particular order):

Troma Queen, Turkey Baster, One Slipped Past the Goalie, I'll Respect You in the Morning, Cums Early, Toxic Waste, I'll Forget your name in the Morning, Kojack Sack, He Needed the Money, Dead End, Mathematical Impossibility, Quato, Sleepy Head, Squats on Request, Thfkas, Just Tom, Mary Fucking Poppins, Bad Lay, Water Fowl, Fuk Stik and many many others (Like there really were this time, Sleepy Head has pictures to prove it)

The entire Hockessin Hash,
About 4 or 5 new boots
Visiting Hashers from the DC hash, the Virginia Beach Tidewater, the Baltimore Annapolis, and some other hashes I never heard of.

The slobbering pack began their first shitty trail at the Deer Park on Friday night, for the much anticipated Blue Hen Pub Crawl. Kojack Sack was hare. We left promptly at 8:00 HST and managed to get the attention of the Newark PD in the first 30 seconds of trail, when we all ran onto the CSX train tracks. Other events of notoriety I remember: We picked up 3 new boots on the trail including, Just Holly, Just Amber, and Just April. We tried our best to get kicked out of the Iron Hill Bar, because we had every other time the hash went in there. Fuk Stik and Death Wish (From Harrisburg/Hershey), led the crowd to sing The S and M man, and even after 20 minutes, the only thing the staff at Iron Hill had the guts to do, was to politely request that we refrain from using the word Fuck, in any of our songs. Which was very disappointing. We ended at the East End and downed downed many pitchers of PBR.???

Anniversay Run
The next day Thkfas, and these years General Manager Fuck up, Mary Fucking Fucked Up Poppins, set off to hare the 15th anniversary run, hung over and sick from the night before. During the laying of trail garbage bag with about 8 pounds of flour in it broke open right in my face and left a white cloud hovering over Barksdale Road. A new naming at some point might be in order.

So, we had many in attendance when we left the Park and Shop on Elkton Rd, 2.p.m HST.

Events of Notoriety that I remember: Mr. and Mrs. Poppins, who resided at the first beer stop were kind enough to let a few hashers defile their toilet. Bunion Butt, from Hockessin, thanked them much for their hospitality before "accidentally" littering the front yard with his beer can. At the second Beer Stop, in George Wilson Park on New London Road, Death Wish and La La, from Virginia Tidewater, challenged each other to a game of beer base ball where they both ended up puking, La La through his nostrils. Bad Lay/ Butthead some how didn?t get completely lost. One Slipped by the Goalie, somehow ended up ahead of everybody for a little while. We stopped at the place formerly known as the Deer Park, and ate all their popcorn, Peeving off the waitress after we left cause she had to pick up all the bowls left on the front porch. No! , not those kind of bowls! On On! We stumbled down South College Avenue and took a left at the James F. Hall trail and On Inned at Cums Early's House, another Blue Hen Standard Stop. We had a campfire, a keg, which we succeeded in emptying in about an hour, and some cake, and a cake fight. Many songs were sung, many down downs were done. We Apreyed at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Willa Road, the first time I heard that a Hash Apr's was ever held at a church. Me, Fuk Stik, Water Fowl, and some other visiting hashers met up at the East End later to punish ourselves some more before???..

The Hangover Hash
The slobbering pack, of about 19, met at Suburban plaza Fuk Stik, our GM Emeritus, was hare. He explained quite clearly that the trail was marked in orange and not white, but a few of us didn't listen, and got lost on the circle jerk and went down some other persons trail. Asssplunker, from DC, Devil Woman, MFP, and Beardless Clam, who still had cake in her hair from the cake fight the day before, followed a freshly marked trail in white down the Mason Dixon trail where it ended at the steel bridge behind Downs School. However MFP had a hunch that sooner or later this thing was going to end at He Needed the Money's House and led the break away pack there. So we got first in, and while we missed a beer stop, we still found plenty of beer in the back yard. We started circle with Fuk Stik sitting atop the ice atop the keg. At this point my memory begins to fade???..??

All in All we had three shitty trails., but a fine time was had by all. For those of you who couldn?t make it we miss you greatly, but thanks anyway for leaving more beer for the rest of us. I hope to see you all again the next time we'e stupid enough to do something like this. If I'm not in AA by then.

Special thanks to Nikki and Chris for making this whole thing possible, nd to every one else who helped out.?

On ! On!
Your nominal GM,

Stay Tuned for the next possible Blue Hen Hash, possibly hared by Death ish possibly around Thanksgiving.