Tuesday, October 24, 2006

write up 10/21

Twas a hash on the 21st of October 2006.
And in honour of 14 years
of blue hen hashing
there were actually people there.
Really there were,
we almost ran
out of beer for christ's sake.
A disaster fortunatley adverted,
I know

Thfkas and Turkey baster were the hares.

Also Present were as follows:
Toxic Waste
Sleepy Head
Reach Around
Mary Fuckin Poppins
and our recent recruits:
Just Micky
Just Randy
Just Bradly
Just Jonathon
The pack started out at Pencader plaza and running down the road
known as 72 we went. In and out of the woods and through a few industrial parks
the trail went through. On the way the pack stopped to drink beer and gorged
ourselves on Tropical fruit that was 180 proof, while a few hashers whined
about there aching feet from having to run for breast cancer awareness earlier,
or something like that. Sleepy head, MFP and several other hashers fell
victim to a sneaky water crossing that looked easier than it was. Through Scottfield
the trail went until we found a patch of trees under which we On Inned. Awards
and penalties we handed out, and a case or two of beer was emptied. Afterwards
some of the pack rendevous at the good old East End Cafe where we were
joined by Troma Queen and others until the loud and lousey music chased everybody

Until next time dear Hashers,

On! On!


Friday, October 13, 2006

Hash 10/21

Yep. Gonna have one.

Who will hare: THFKASchporto
What: A hash.
When: 10/21 2pm(ish)
Where: BJs (100 Pencader Plaza Newark, DE 19713) Mainly so I could
legitemately put the phrase BJ in an email and have it be 'clean'.
Why: 1st Cuz there will be beer. And a second super secret reason. And
a third - its our 14th anniversary of BH4. Damn.
How: Show up and follow.

And guess what - weather channel right now says it might rain ;)
Dry bags - probably not needed (unless it is raining, or I decide to be a
Baby friendly - no, no I really doubt that.
Dog friendly - hmmm can we use the dog as a distraction?