Monday, January 02, 2006

hash write up: Blue Dress Run

And so there was a hash
Waterfowl laid it
And they came.

In attendance were:
He needed the money
Smells like hash sprit
Just Rich
Tromoa Queen
Toxic waste
The spawn of Troma and Toxic
The roommate of Troma and Toxic: Just Elisa
Respect you in the Morning
The spawn of THFKAS and Morning
Mary Fuking Poppins
Title 18
Just Tammy (title 18 won't let us name her….spoil sport)
Turkey Baster
Err have we ever named Tom??
Reach Around (yes…we *did* name him)
Just Holiday (the canine hasher)
Forgot your name in the morning
Mathematical Impossiblity

Along later were
Just Ed (not sure he counts but he was there long enough)
Sleepy head (who ran more trail than title 18)

And the hashers were off…..7 marks and then
A check back 7
Back to the start
And off to He Needed the Money's House for a beer check
And off again….towards the park
But not really
Yet another check back
Back to he needed the Money's House for the ON-IN

Beers and other alcohol was drunk
Except by the spawn who were proxied by their parents
THFKAS was appointed RA for the day
There was a circle
And the hash went in peace
(and some we hope got a piece)

later there was a birthday card
see pictures here: