Monday, May 28, 2007

It should be noted. We misspelled the name... It Kuato.

> So there was a hash,
> It was the 26th of May, and the pack began to gather at the appointed
> on time. (imagine that!) After call were made, bribes called in, and
> bithces accounted for, the pack was blessed by THFKAS and were off into
> park. Immediatley to our first water crossing, and under a fence. Half
> pack followed a trail, but not THE trail, and hence fell back, but
> recovered in time for another water crossing. At said second water
> a phenomenal event occurred which we will get into later.
> Led we were, or so we think, to a railroad. Then off the railroad
> Madison Drive. A few kids were there and led us to more marks, helping
> to avoid the big Rottweiler standing by.
> Around the park-side of Madison, were a bunch of dumpsters and the beer
> near. After some of us were confused between the dumpsters and the beer
> bitches, beer was drunk, and a new boot met us on trail, and joined us
> the rest of the hash.
> On on across a softball field through Towne Court and a quick reach to
> next beer near at He Neede the Money's. More beer, some vodka of poetic
> origin, and beef jerky made the rounds, and on on into yet another park.
> more shiggy, more water crossings, and more train tracks. off the
> and into a neighborhood inhabited by THFKAS, where most of the pack is
> on-in, but 4 lost souls still hash, allegedly on trail, but fuck them.
> We drink, we circle...
> circle jerks include:
> new boot-
> Just Lisa from Baltimore
> visiting:
> Skid Marks from Hockessin H3
> awards-
> last in: I think it was spand-ox
> first blood: Just Kris
> false accusation: Vaseline Alley
> penalties-
> first in: Just Bradley
> and the creme de la creme--we had 2 namings.
> after much deliberations and a little bit of name calling.
> Just Brad is now known as "Squats on Request"
> Just Kris is now known as "Quatto" (and we told her to Google it.
> You recall I said I will explain the great phenomenon at the second
> crossing? Well, that's why they were named.
> She saw water and was scared to get her feet wet. She asked her
> insignificant other to carry her across.... DUH! he did so. He Squats
> request. After about 45 seconds of carrying her ass over, he decided it
> would be better if he did get her wet. (insert crass innuendo here) She
> determined not to get wet (insert next innuendo here). But eventually,
> went in....but for hanging on like a tic to him, she was given the name
> "Quatto". And if you want to know it, google it!
> All in all, another shitty trail.
> On On
> Vaseline Alley
> p.s. attached see Quatto and Squats On Request.

Write up

on on
26th was written up, I attached pics of our newest named hashers, so it
stands awaiting mod approval.

I did forget to list who was in attendance... attendance were:
Toxic Waste
Vaseline Alley
Just Brad
Just Kris
Puppy Love the blew Spand-Ox
He Needed the Money
Kojak Sac
Just Lisa
Skid Marks
and at the On-In were
Trauma Queen
Will you Respect me in the mourning?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

More details: May 26th hash

What: BH4 Hash
Hare: THFKASchporto
When: May 26th, 2pm
Where: Barksdale park - by the playground not the baseball diamonds.,-75.771182&spn=0.005293,0.008036&t=h&z=17&om=1
Quantos: $5
Why: Well it is graduation weekend ...
Special: Dry bags yes, dogs maybe, children no. No bars are planned.
But when has a hash ever gone according to plan.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hash, May 26th

OK I'm gonna set a hash.
May 26th, 2pm.
I'm working out that whole where part.
That is UD commencement day too.
Maybe we should all dress in our most offensive garb too! I want to
insult the Irish, errr wait a minute....
I'll have more details on monday.