Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hash write up: New Year's

So we had a hash, January the 1st, 2010 AD. Which was part of the Joint Blue Hen Hockessin, 4 hashes for New Years extended weekend.

The slobbering pack met up at the parking lot of John R. Downes Elementary School at about 2:00pm, HST.

Hashers I remember being present:

Toxic Waste, Troma Queen, Just Silver, Devil Woman, Bad Lay, Juicy Fruity Backside Booty, Mathematical Impossibility, I’ll Forget Your Name in the Morning, Up the Rear, Roadkill, Fart Conner, Amber Alert, Just Elissa, Mary Fucking Poppins, Fish Dick, Skidmarks, Sand in Strange Places, Portaho, Pedalfile, He needed the Money (Who was able to get out of bed this time for the annual hash in his honor), and many, many others.

Thfkas, and or Just Erin, and or I’ll Respect you in the Mouring were da hares.

At around 2:17 real time the direction of the first mark was pointed out, and

On! On!
We were on our way. There was a Turkey and an Eagle trail, the difference being one was a few blocks away from the beer stop and one was a few muddy yards away from it.

On! On!
We ran down to the Downes Elementary playground. And jumped through some hoops and some slides, literarily. Side Note (On any BH4 trail, a hare must make the trail go through any playground equipment if it happens to be going by there).

On! On!
We went down to the woods, where we hit a check at the Christiana creek. Every FRB assumed it would go across the bridge, which goes across the creek, but it didn’t and thus the DFL’s were able to catch up to the front.

On! On!
True trail went down the former dirt bike path/ obstacle course for dirt bikes, that you would know about, if you happened to be unfortunate enough to have lived in this part of Newark that long to know what I was talking about.

On! On!
We followed the muddy path out to Rahway Park, where we encountered a BN. We passed around two bottles of Andre’ Brut (Peach Flavored) and managed to be on our way before the cops were called.

On! On!
Turkey trail went back to the obvious On! In! but most of us followed the Eagle Trail.

On! On!
Trail went across the creek, but those of us who were too pansy (or had too much sense) to cross the creek. Tried, in this case, a long cut. RoadKill ran down the path on the other side, knowing there was a bridge there to get him back, and knowing we were too slow for him too lose us.

Up the Rear, Juicy Fruity Backside Booty, and Mary Fucking Poppins crossed over the creek on a log, in spite of the fact that Thfkas and Skidmarks were chanting loudly for us to fall in about 4 feet of freezing cold, algey filled creek water.

On! On!
We ran down the good Ole’ and very muddy Mason Dixon trail. Up the Rear had a spectacular hash crash, and almost fell into the creek again.

On! On!
The trail went out onto Barksdale road, and into the Cherry Hill neighbor hood, where He Needed the Money happens to live. At some point, I heard, Just Elissa fell or slipped on the sidewalk and gave us some inspiration for her naming which happened at circle.

On! On!
As you probably figured the On! In! was at He Needed the Money’s place, which it is every year except for last year that is.

We circled up; awards and penalties were dished out.

We had two namings:

Just Elissa got named “Slides in Easy But Can’t Pull Out” in reference to slipping on the sidewalk at some point and in honor of the ridiculously long names that BH4 is famous for giving people.

Just Erin got named “She who will not be named” in honor of Harry Potter or something or maybe in honor of her parents are hoping she won’t take this activity up when she gets older.

So then we enjoyed some Pat’s Pizza and some chili and other left over snacks from the New Years Eve party from the night before and of course many more beers. Pedal File and Portaho showed up sometime soon after trail was done. Some people took to the hot tub, but we forgot to do the annual birthday card.

All in all it was another shitty trail.

Stay Tuned for the Next Blue Hen Hash Some time before the End of February We Hope!

On! On!