Saturday, April 29, 2006

AGM/Birthday Bar Hash

The 26th was supposedly the AGM. However we missed it so
as a belated AGM we decided to make Mathematical
Impossibilty/Kodak Moments Birthday Celebration the AGM

Attendees were as follows

Just Marston
Ana Sha ...fuck... food whore (jaimie)
Toxic Waste
Dont Remember/Forgot your Name
Mathematical Impossibility
Troma Queen
Kodak Moment

We met at the new deer park around 730 hash time so 830p
There was food and beer and switching of seats.
There was a trail but it got forgotten in lieu of hockey,
drunk jackass flyers fans wearing lindros jerseys who
picked a fight with the bouncers and whose daddy had to
come and defend them, and of course beer.

There was much conversation and at one point an MST3K
moment where MI and THFKAS inserted their own conversation
to two women speaking animatedly at the bar.

There was a moment at another table where beer was left
unattended and THFKAS tried to get Toxic Waste to switch
our almost empty pitcher with their totally full pitcher
but they returned before this could occur.

A vote was taken and Forgot your name was erected. So
congratulations to the new Grand Mastress he promptly
refused the post and we drank to his honor or um dishonor

So continues the anarchy of the traveling hash BH4.

There were no penalties or awards on this hash.
But a good time was had by all.

And Happy Birthday to Kodak Moment and Mathematical

Troma Queen