Monday, October 25, 2004

H4's Halloween Hash

What: Hockessin Halloween Hash\Halloween Party

When: Saturday, October 30, 2004 (Mischief Night) at 5pm, NOTE CHANGE OF

Hares: Cums Early & Plunge-N-Puke

Where: West Park Place Elementary School, Newark

This is our annual Halloween hash so please wear costumes, they don't have
to be good just anything that makes you look less like your usual half
minded selves. A party will ensue after the hash. Its mischief night so
bring your soap, eggs, & toilet paper.

Take I-95 South to 896 North Exit, continue on 896 North for about 2 Miles
Turn Left onto West Park Place, continue on West Park Place for about 1/2
mile, turn Left onto Willa Rd. West Park Place Elementary School will be
your left park and hash.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Hash Write up 10/23

I write the most stark and boring write-ups so beware....

The hash started at Christiana towers promptly at 2pm BHT. In attendance
were Fart, Waterfoul (at least for a while), Just Derya, VA, many virgins
(AJ, Will and Jeff) and the Hares (THFKAS and Turkey Baster). An exciting
chalk talk and the pack was off...aha, flour. Wait...shiggy, shiggy, more
shiggy...did Fuk Stick lay this trail? Through the shiggy we hear
AAGGHHHH!!!...It's Waterfoul, he has well...waterfouled (or at least it
would be if the stream had some more water). The shiggy persists, we have
mini BN, take a shot of Captain and up and down hills we go. Wait we
reached the top of the hill. We made it all the way back
to...duhduhda...the towers. Through some more shiggy (did I mention there
was shiggy), repeat shiggy. Cider/run check. Onon we go and the pack,
intact, comes on N College. Oh another BH favorite, the CSX tracks. We
follow down the tracks eastbound until...wait there goes Waterfoul with
another BH favorite, the sprained (maybe broken) ankle. At this point the
pack continues as Turkey Baster rescues the helpless and hobbling
Long story short, the pack makes it to beer at the bar formerly known as
Deer Park. Fart and VA get yelled at for trying to shortcut and the pack
ends up running through more shiggy. Pack goes back to Fart and
to make sure he does his "Hat Trick" downdown. Awards are given,
are given, THFKAS declares last hash, as his days are numbered with the
coming responsibility of fatherhood. All in all...another SHITTY trail.

Next Hash: NOV 13 or 14, HARE NEEDED!

On-On and if I forgot anything, FYYFF. Gotta take care of my cripple now.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hash: Saturday october 23

Where: Laird Campus Parking lot, ya know the towers.
When: 2pm this saturday
What: Blue Hen Anniversary Hash
How: Ya put the left leg forward, shift weight, put right leg forward.
$$$: For you - 5 dollars. Can I get a price check? $5.
Dry bag needed: Hell if I know.
Dog Friendly: Hell if I know.
Cops present: Hell if I know.

Note it is parent's weekend so parking may be an issue.
Tough - deal.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

write up 10/10

Write up: 10/10/04

Hashers in attendance:
Vaseline Alley
Kojack Sack
Math Imp
Reach Around
Turkey Baster
Toxic Waste
Just Deyra
Just Tonya

New Boots:
just Melanie
just Alban

Hashers meet up a bit after 2:00
The hare was already there....
wow trial will start on wait
It's a live hare so we have to give
the hare a 10 minute start.
Time to call a few more hashers.

And we are off. Towards Dickinson and Rodney......
sort of through them, lost trail a few times.
Quiet a few checks. On-On....towards Amy Dupont.
More checks....grumble. lost trail again....over the
pedestrian bridge thing....hey another check.....and up
the main mall. Beer check at Grottos? No...trial
keeps going. Mac machine....yeah. Math Imps
students....booo. ON and ON on and BN at Margaritas.

Beer and pizza YUM. Left a Blue hen card there and
it ONE BIG ARROW pointing down main street. The
pack gets to the deer park and realizes that a big
arrow did not indicate that is was a far run. Back
track to find the WELL HIDDEN MARK (grumble) at Happy
Harry's. On on. Behind the Carpenter sport building
and down creek road....ok ...well in a round about way.
ANd going and going and a beer check. We tried to
advertise to several joggers and walkers and bikers.

And on-on through the woods. Again, lost trail and
wound up behind the Towers. Back track. And through
the woods and over a stream. And walk down another
stream. And more water. Finally a road. And we are
out by Super-duper-fresh...where the last trail started.
And down Country club lane. Surprise, we lost trail
again, because it crossed the street (grumble). By now
several hashers have guessed where we are going, so we
go in that general direction. Hey....we find trail.

Beer check...not the ON IN???!!! at He Needed the
Moneys house. No keys and no one awake, so we just sit
out on the deck. Mutiny and we decide that we are auto
hashing to the cars/on-in. We all get in Vaseline Alley's
van...untagged. We get partway around the corner.
Out of gas.
Every body out.
Push the van back into position.
Walk to the cars.

So....doing down downs at home will be:

First in: kojack Sack
First Blood: Toxic Waste
Second blood: Kojack Sack
Last in: one of the new boots
For making new boots come: Turkey Baster
Short cutting/auto hashing: everyone
laying a long and shitty trail: VA

Math Imp

Monday, October 04, 2004

Hash: 10/10

sunday 2pm,
abandoned lot where temporary charter school used to be...
on barksdale road.
(across from newark day nursery)
medium to long length....
new boots welcome.
5 dollar hash cash....
might be better beer, who knows?
hare.... vaseline alley