Sunday, April 20, 2014

Upcuming hashes.....schedule stuff

Here beith the schedule, subject to change, for the Blue Hen hash this year.
May 2014: Hash Saturday May the 25th, hared by DWP on the Cape Henlopen Camp ground, in Lewes, DE
June 2014: A hash tentively some weekend this month hared by IHOV, most likely in the Pencader hundred area.
July 2014: The intertube hash on the Brandywine river, hared by Feral Pussy and Spunk Monkey on the third or forth Saturday of that month. 
August 2014: Hash tentatively hared by MFP, probably on a Saturday, possibly his farewell hash.
September 2014: Open
October 2014: Blue Hen 22nd Anniversary, hared by Fuk Stik
November 2014: Open
December 2014: Open
January 2015: The annual He Needed the Money Hash on New Years Day
Febuary 2015: Open
March 2015: Open
April 2015: Blue Hen AGM
If anyone on this list wants to hare on the months that are open, or even on the months that are not, feel free, but contact your harerazor at, so he can keep the schedule straight. 
Sunday afternoons are usually the tradition, but Saturday's during the summer work.
 Hares are expected to provide beer and or drinks for beer stops and the circle. Hares are not expected to provide pre-lube, post lube and food. But if you do it will be appreciated