Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hare raising

Hey Blue Henners,

Our new GM claims that I am now the elected Hare Razor. I don't remember being elected, just like I wasn't elected hash trash. I think I just remember stepping in circle demanding that certain persons hare trail.

Anyhow, in a few weeks, I was thinking about writing up a schedule for alternating Saturday's starting in May, unless someone's got a better idea. After the summer If we still feel up to it, maybe we can go back to Sunday's or Friday's or that 26th of the month thing or whatever. Yeah right!, your thinking, a schedule, that dorky thing those other dorky hash groups have. Get back to me, if there's a time you want to hare trail. If not, Good!, then I can still put you on the schedule anyway, whenever I deem it appropriate. HA!

On! On!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

AGM writeup

So..... We had a hash on Sunday April the 6th 2008 that was to be our AGM

Hashers Present:

Toxic Waste
I'll Forget Your Name in the Mourning
I'll Respect You In the Mourning
Troma Queen
Mary Fucking Poppins
Gives It Away (With her Dog Peanut)
Butthead/Bad Lay
Devil Woman (With Crash Test Dummy)
Beardless Clam
He Needed the Money
Panic Button (From Harrisburg-Hershey)

Da Hare, Fuk Stik, Who brought with him from Pittsburg H3:
Hung Like This (Who helped hare the trail)
Pelvis Chestly (Ditto)

So the slobbering pack met at the Howard House Tavern in good old Elkton MD, around 2:pm HST. Fuk Stik had a beer ordered for him, and then while he wasn't looking, had the beer drank for him. We left the tavern for the usual half live hared/ half dead trail that is Fuk Stiks trademark, sometime between 2:45 and 3. (And just so you know, it didn't rain all that much, we didn't get shot at by any angry Yokels, nobody got lost for too long, and there wasn't that much shiggy and mud, at least for an F-Stik trail. So if that's what you were hoping for you might not want to read any more of this)

On! On!
We ran up a few block and over a few blocks in down town Elkton, and up a few and over a few some more.

On! On!
We ran through a graveyard an onto a little league field, where we encountered a whole circle of marks, that led to two or three checks, that were marked false in every single direction. Clever Fuk Stik heard us on his heels, or his ass, and set up a clever delay. The slowpokes in the back caught up with the FRB's and we walked around in circles for about 30 minutes. Some people got bored and started yanking down other peoples trousers. Fortunatley or Unfortunatly, BC remembered to ware panties that day. At some point, Panic Button found a series of marks that seemed to lead in a particular direction, behind the baseball field.

On! On!
We crawled through some shiggy in the woods, and crossed over a large canyon, right next to a bridge, that led out to a park, where we found He Needed the Money, and the three hares, with a van full of beer and snacks for us. Butthead, who had gotten led off by his dog somewhere, managed to find us in time to drink a beer.

On! On!
Trail led back into the woods and through some wetlands, and then back out into the park.

On! On!
When we got out to the road we found a Turkey/Eagle Split, and from what I heard, the Eagle was way easier than the Turkey trail. Through a neighbor hood we went, and turned left down and old dirt road, that went up a hill, where there was an old barn, and another beer check. Around this time we lost Gives It Away, our first casualty. We broke open a bag of carrots and cheese, which went real well with that Natty Ice beer. (Say , our standards for beer keep getting higher and higher, last Blue Hen Hash we had Old Latrobe, I'm getting intimidated. I'm sure glad I'm not Beer Meister)

On! On!
We went down a path in the woods, and up a hill and back down. The trail led to some weird looking public area I had never been to before that looked like a farm for growing rice patty's. but there weren't any. At this point we managed to run into Gives It Away and her dog, who managed to stick with us for the rest of trail. Trail went back up a hill in the woods, than out onto the road, where we had a mile or two of asphalt, on which for or five of us decided to run on it for some stupid reason. (Yep, there's been a lot of running on Blue Hen Hashes lately, a great sacriledge, and surely the one thing that's been the most responsible for our downfall).

On! On!
The trail on asphalt led to a park, or another part of the same park, where they had more rice patty growing areas, some woods, and a creek. Across the Creek trail went. Panic Button decided to forge ahead, and became the canary in the coal mine, finding the real deep part of the creek, and had a nice swim. Hung Like This caught up with us, and since he hared this part of the trail was nice enough to show us the shallow part of the creek. Apparently Troma Queen and Gives It Away didn't get this information. After crossing the creek, we found He Needed the Money and his van on the other side for the On IN, where we managed to remember to have a few elections, with a very drunken Thfkas running circle for possibly the last time, but probabally not.

All in all it was another Shitty Trail..... The Results of this Years Elections Are:

GM: Butthead/ BadLay (Who should know he's had this coming for at least 10 years)

RA: I'll Forget Your Name In The Mourning (Oh yeah... like that's gonna happen)

Hash Harlot : Beardless Clam (Who won after an intense flash-off contest with Troma Queen. The nipple ring gave BC the edge)

Well, that's all the offices we remembered to fill. Most of the slobbering pack, ran, walked or drove back up to Howard House to down a few more pitchers of beer. And most of them crashed I'll Forget Your Name In the Mourning and Mathematical Impossibilities house. We played Bumper Pool, Nintendo Wii, ate some pizza, and of course drank more beer. Skidmarks was one of the first to try to leave at a reasonable hour, but then had about 4 beers dumped down his throat by Pelvis Chestly, during a 5 minute period of time. (Say I hope you made it home okay Skids) At this point a very worn out MFP ran home to catch a plane to LA, to get paid to sit in a hotel room for 3 or 4 days.

Stay tuned for the next Blue Hen Hash, possibly 4 or 5 Saturdays from now possibly hared by somebody

On! On!