Tuesday, June 06, 2006

write up (yes there WAS a BH4 hash)

I had a strange dream the other day. I know, you probably all think
I'm insane, but I dreamt that I was on a bh4 hash. It's silly, I
know, but it seemed so real. It must have been a dream because the
hash started out with 10 hashers in attendance and it wasn't even a
Jan. 1 hash!

We had two "just" people. Allisa and THFKAS's co-worker, whom I
forgot his name. Forgetting names seems to be a bh4 tradition.

The hares were "The Hasher Formally Known As
[Super­califragilistic­expialidocious]" and "Troma [Prom] Queen [of
the damned]".

As for the non-just people we had (in many senses of the word) "Devil
[inside] Woman", "Thunder [cat] Thighs", "Bitchard [the K9-hearted]",
"Mathematical [G]imp", "[Beavis'] Butthead", and "Reach Around [and
touch Faith]".

We were also joined later on by "Forgot your name in the morning [must
have been a hell of a night]", "Respect you in the Morning [if I
remember your name]" and "Toxic [non-radioactive] Waste [that is
sometimes radioactive]."

There was a comment from a non-bh4 hasher about how we seem to have
long names. The jury is still out on that one. It was an accusation
that was not addressed at the ON-IN.

Most of the hashers met at Elan Park, and the hash was started...late
so therefore on time. Into the woods we went. And father into the
woods. And then out of the woods. And back into the woods. Over the
barbed wire...but not through it. You get the idea.

There were two beer checks. The first was guarded by two ferocious
wolf-like creatures and a rug rat. "Toxic [non-radioactive] Waste
[that is sometimes radioactive]" kept them at bay because that was his
job for the day which was why he didn't start the hash with us. The
second beer check was even more dangerous then the first...we had a
bit more to drink then the last one.

The trail took us underground into an abyss of darkness where none of
us may have ever come out alive...but we all did...a little wetter
then when we came in. I guessed some hashers liked that part a bit
more then others. Now where did I put my precious.

At first there was one rug rat at the ON-IN, and then there was two.
We were followed. Then there was the wolf-like creature who almost
licked people to death. They liked it. The circle was opened after
many delays. There were awards, penalties, etc. People drank and
drank some more. The circle was closed and food was served. More
drinking. Yet another shitty trail, just the way we like them!

And that's the way I remember it. Yeah, probably just a dream.