Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Next Run

SUNDAY, April 10th Hash

Hares: Fuk Stik and Kojak Sack

Run Time: 3 pm

Run Start:
The start will be in the empty lot across from the Delaware
Center for Horticulture,

Hash Cash: $5

on on!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Write up of March 12 hash

On a cold and windy day, all of 4 hashers showed up at the Newark Goodwill. Snow threatened to fall, but we are Blue Hens, and we hash!

Chilean Cherry Pie and Vaseline Alley waited by the Goodwill, and Mathematical Impossibility and Waterfoul showed up later. We decided 4 was enough (besides, we waited a long time), and then we were on trail.

We began behind part of the Newark Shopping Center, and then came back out in front by the coffee shop and across Main Street. The trail continued across Delaware Avenue and through the University Apartments. We decided it would be a walking hash...why? I don't know.
But the trail left the apartments through their volleyball field, and towards campus.
Waterfould wondered if the checks had any falses....when we arrived at the circle near the library, he found out! After a 5 minute search, more marks were found on the other side of the circle, and on on through the neighborhood.
While passing through the Park -n- Shop, we wondered if there was beer on trail...Vaseline tried to recruit one more hasher--in a liquor store yet, but apparently that didn't work....oh well.

On on through Towne Court, and in some mud...through the scary tunnel, and a quick right into yet another neighbourhood....where's the beer?
We circle jerk around the neighbourhood and a few Beer Near marks finally lead us to some beer. (Not quite the rancid beer vaseline promised, but close to bad.) We drank on the deck of Vaseline and Cherry Pie. After some phone calls of hashers threatening to show up, but they didn't... we were on on.
Down Barksdale Road we found a true trail mark into the woods...across a gutter (there is a water crossing), and a quick romp through the woods, we came out into the parking lot of a preschool, and back onto barksdale road we went.
too much concrete!
We end up hashing behind Dickinson and Rodney dorms and pass the old Newark Post house. Speculating on how cool it would be to make it a hash house, we hash around the McDeer Park, and through some more university buildings. How exciting...we walk down main street thinking about food. Finally back to Newark Shopping Center, the On in is at La Tolteca. Waterfoul decided to have dinnner there, getting his fix for the month (Fart, send all "thank you's" to Chilean Cherry Pie, as he will not nag you to take him out for at least 2 more weeks)
ok, there was a sort of circle with lazy person's down downs...
the hares drank
last in was Math Imp
first in was waterfoul
hashus interruptus is given to all other hashers .
extended hashus interruptus for chilean cherry pie.
And cherry pie also had to write this thing up.

on on

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It's about time: March 12

How many hashers think it is time for a hash? (let's see, 3, 4 hands up...)
ok.....should it be this weekend? (ok, see a few nods......)

alright, it's settled:

Hash, Saturday the 12th of march, 2005


Where will we meet to begin?
In front of the Goodwill in Newark Shopping Center on Main St.

Where is that?
go to mapquest, look up E Main St and Chapel St intersection in zip code 19711...near thereabouts...

What time should we be there?
we'll say 2:22 pm

Who are the hares?
Chilean Cherry Pie and Vaseline Alley

How long is the trail?
somewhere between short and medium

How much is hash cash?
probably 5 dollars....bring that in case. It may be less and there could be refunds....

Less than 5 dollars--how shitty is the beer?
rancid-ass or something near it.

Well, that about covers it....any questions? direct them to the nearest brick wall.

on out, vaseline alley