Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hangover Hash write up

So we had a hash, yet again, on Thursday the 1st of January 2009.

Hashers Present:

Troma Queen Mounts Me
Just Silver Just Mark
Ichy and Scratchy Pedalfile
Hung Like Pinky Piss Cycle
Sand in Strange Places Mathematical Impossibility
Just Margeret I'll Forget Your Name in the Mourning
Thfkas Mary Fucking Poppins
Lickitandstickit Gives it Away
Pickle Dick Gives it Away's Husband, daughter and daughters friend
Some new guy in a "Got Junk" car whose name I don't remember
3 or 4 dogs

Toxic Waste was the hare.

So the slobbering pack met up at Leroy C. Hill park at 2:00 HST for the annual Blue Hen New Years day hang over hash in honor of He Needed the Money. Of course the man of the hour was too hung over this year to make it to his own hash. The hare was in shock that more than four people showed up, and in a panic had to call up friends to make sure their was enough to drink for everybody. The chalk talk was done and On! On!..................

The first BN mark was laid right in front of us. We enjoyed of spiked apple cider, though truthfully I couldn't taste the alcohol in it. Damn! that must of been a great mixer. The hare pointed in the direction of the next mark, and On! On! Down Casho Mill Rd we went. A couple of real stupid hashers started running for a second , then thought better of it.

On! On!
We took a left into Cherry Hill, and then eventually another left onto Rockmoss lane, and to almost everyone's surprise, because most of the pack this year had never been to one of his parties before, we had our next beverage stop on the driveway of He Needed the Money's house. We downed shots of butterscotch snapps in blue cups in honor of the man of honor, who was still too hung over to come out and say hi, or at least point a shotgun at the pack and chase us all off his property, cause this year he decided not to have a party. Fortunately we all left before his neighbors called the cops on him again.

On! On!
Down the end of Rock Moss Lane we traversed and out of Cherry Hill went, crawling and stumbling to the bewildering of many residents, who hadn't witnessed a Blue Hen Hash in many moons.

On! On!
We slowly made our way up Barksdale Rd and into Country hills. Our way was not impeded this year by those silly check marks that most hashes have to send those stupid fast people the wrong way. Up a few more hills and we found our On! In! on the back patio of Toxic Waste and Troma Queens house. The hare was able to provide us with a 30 pack of almost completely frozen, PBR, that was left over from last years New Years Day party. Thfkas had to once again be reminded that he was still RA. We circled up and attempted to sing hash songs. Penalties and Awards were given out. Toxic Waste went down to Pappa Johns to pick up some pizza, 3 or 4 of which got turned into stromboli when he dropped them on the way to his car.

All in All it was another Shitty Trail!

Stay tuned for the next Blue Hen hash possibly hared by somebody somewhere in the next 6 months.

On! On!