Sunday, November 14, 2004

Write up: 11/13

on on wankers,

it was after long laborious negotiations, agreed upon to meet in the parking lot at Timothy's at White Clay Creek for a Blue Hen Pub Crawl. Noone wanted to hare either, so hares were recruited against their will, given chalk and then given a 10 minute head start.

in attendance were:

Mathematical Impossibility
Severed Member with 2 new boots
-Just Sara and (what is the name of his other friend?)
Forgot your name in the morning (since we're on the subject)
Kojak Sac
Vaseline Alley and a new boot
-Just Maya
Just Jeff

After a few pitchers at Timothy's Math Imp headed out to lay trail, Vaseline Alley with beer in car took his freezing new boot in high heels with him to the next beer check. (on a side note, Vaseline claims to have told Just maya to wear sneakers, but being married twice teaches him to not argue with a woman, so she hashed in heels.)
The beer is delivered to Wilbur Street and the pack shows up a few moments later, except for Waterfoul and Kojac Sac who take the scenic route to the beer near. In the truck of VA's car is a grab bag of beers from around the world. Beer is drunk as the pack gathers freezing arounf the car....except Just Maya freezing in her heels chooses to cover her feet and drink skunked Vermont beer in the comfort (yeah right) of the car.

On on with Vaseline Alley as hare. Fart delivers the car for later use as another beer stop, and the pack hashes down Cleveland Avenue, and College Avenue toward the McDeer Park. Maya finally gets the food she'd been Jonesing for, and more pitchers are ordered. The pack gets pissed becasue they had to pay a cover. The early birds tease then invite the pack because they beat the cover. Pitchers, Tap, and guinness is drunk, pizza is ate, and jokes are told. Kojac foudn some clay in Willard Hall and left a sculpture for Deer Park Patrons. Vaseline Alley left some blue hen calling cards on tables at the DP and on on.
Waterfoul led the pack on a straight shot to the Trap.
Pithcer of lager, pitcher of Porter, and singing ensued. We managed to offend slightly one lady, but still we sung.
The pack headed out, but Fart and waterfoul bailed, and Maya also had to bail....Vaseline hauled her drunk ass back to Elkton, and re-joined the pack at Margarita Pizza.
Cheap beer was drunk, and then the hash took off back to timothy's.
along the way a few hashers tried to get a message to He Needed The Money who was working at Rocky Horror.

Back to Timothy's and we circle up. Hares drunk, new boots drunk, Vaseline alley drinks for bringing a hasher in high heels. There was first blood, I believe one of severed member's new boots. Vaseline nominates himself to be on-sec, and we head out. By the way, Vaseline went to rocky and saw smells like hash spirit and he needed the money. the mesage did make it to HNTM however the messenger didnt know what to make of it. "on on"

and in those words.... "ON ON"

Friday, November 12, 2004

Hash on Saturday night

Saturday the 13th
8:00 pm (leaving by 8:30)
meet in the Timothy's parking lot
where: directions
Creekview Road, Newark DE
(if it is too messy/cold we'll meet inside)
recommended: park in the far lower lot

bar crawl/hash
bring your ID
and maybe a flashlight
hash cash: pay as you go
hare: rotating