Saturday, September 11, 2004

9/11 hash details

Hares: Waterfoul and Kojack Sack

When: Saturday, 9/11

Where: SuperDuperFresh parking lot New London Rd.

D-erections: From Main St. in Newark
1) Make a right after the Deer Park onto 896 / New London Rd
2) Continue on New London Rd across Cleveland Ave and up the hill
3) Pull into the SuperDuperFresh parking lot on your left
4) Get naked
5) Blow me
6) Give Waterfoul your wallet ***$5
7) Go away

Trail: No idea - probably suburban, but I'll do my best to find some
shiggy. It's not supposed to rain Friday or Saturday, but it's
fucking Newark so a dry bag would still be a good idea. The trail
should be gimp friendly - worst (best?) case we eat the casualties.

BTW, it will be Fuk Stiks birfday. He may even show up if he can
scrape enough brain cells up after Burning Man to navigate north.


Kojack Sack


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