Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hash Write up?

Still waiting for the official word from the elected on-sec....But there was a hash.

Yes, it was shiggy-licoius. There were multiple mud and water crossings. My shoes smell like #@&* again. Fun.

It appears that Kojack Sak and Comes Early (who is rumored to be renamed as Comes Early tomorrow, or something of that nature) have been nominated to hare the next hash on the 26th. Or was it just Kojack?

And Doke says we scare the Rocky people. And that just makes the Math Imp smile.

The Math Imp is making herself a new hash shirt, with HER name on it. We will see how this goes.

Until the write up is posted....on-on.
--Math Imp, 8 b 7


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