Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hare raising

Hey Blue Henners,

Our new GM claims that I am now the elected Hare Razor. I don't remember being elected, just like I wasn't elected hash trash. I think I just remember stepping in circle demanding that certain persons hare trail.

Anyhow, in a few weeks, I was thinking about writing up a schedule for alternating Saturday's starting in May, unless someone's got a better idea. After the summer If we still feel up to it, maybe we can go back to Sunday's or Friday's or that 26th of the month thing or whatever. Yeah right!, your thinking, a schedule, that dorky thing those other dorky hash groups have. Get back to me, if there's a time you want to hare trail. If not, Good!, then I can still put you on the schedule anyway, whenever I deem it appropriate. HA!

On! On!



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