Thursday, September 13, 2007

anniverary hash coming up

This October marks the 15 year anniversary of the Blue Hen Hash House

To celebrate this Milestone, we will be gathering somewhere in the
vicinity of Newark, DE for three days of hashing, drinking, and ... as you
could probably expect ... Stupidity.

This event will occur the weekend of November 2nd through the 4th, with a
pub crawl on Friday, the main anniversary run on Saturday, and likely some
sort of hangover run on Sunday.

The exact details are still being worked out, but you have been warned.
Please forward as appropriate.

fuk stik

(and THFKAS)
GM Emeritus, Blue Hen Hash House Harriers
RA Pittsburgh H3

ps If you think you're likely to attend, drop us a note so we have a
general idea of how many people to expect.


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