Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It's about time: March 12

How many hashers think it is time for a hash? (let's see, 3, 4 hands up...)
ok.....should it be this weekend? (ok, see a few nods......)

alright, it's settled:

Hash, Saturday the 12th of march, 2005


Where will we meet to begin?
In front of the Goodwill in Newark Shopping Center on Main St.

Where is that?
go to mapquest, look up E Main St and Chapel St intersection in zip code 19711...near thereabouts...

What time should we be there?
we'll say 2:22 pm

Who are the hares?
Chilean Cherry Pie and Vaseline Alley

How long is the trail?
somewhere between short and medium

How much is hash cash?
probably 5 dollars....bring that in case. It may be less and there could be refunds....

Less than 5 dollars--how shitty is the beer?
rancid-ass or something near it.

Well, that about covers it....any questions? direct them to the nearest brick wall.

on out, vaseline alley


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