Saturday, October 23, 2004

Hash Write up 10/23

I write the most stark and boring write-ups so beware....

The hash started at Christiana towers promptly at 2pm BHT. In attendance
were Fart, Waterfoul (at least for a while), Just Derya, VA, many virgins
(AJ, Will and Jeff) and the Hares (THFKAS and Turkey Baster). An exciting
chalk talk and the pack was off...aha, flour. Wait...shiggy, shiggy, more
shiggy...did Fuk Stick lay this trail? Through the shiggy we hear
AAGGHHHH!!!...It's Waterfoul, he has well...waterfouled (or at least it
would be if the stream had some more water). The shiggy persists, we have
mini BN, take a shot of Captain and up and down hills we go. Wait we
reached the top of the hill. We made it all the way back
to...duhduhda...the towers. Through some more shiggy (did I mention there
was shiggy), repeat shiggy. Cider/run check. Onon we go and the pack,
intact, comes on N College. Oh another BH favorite, the CSX tracks. We
follow down the tracks eastbound until...wait there goes Waterfoul with
another BH favorite, the sprained (maybe broken) ankle. At this point the
pack continues as Turkey Baster rescues the helpless and hobbling
Long story short, the pack makes it to beer at the bar formerly known as
Deer Park. Fart and VA get yelled at for trying to shortcut and the pack
ends up running through more shiggy. Pack goes back to Fart and
to make sure he does his "Hat Trick" downdown. Awards are given,
are given, THFKAS declares last hash, as his days are numbered with the
coming responsibility of fatherhood. All in all...another SHITTY trail.

Next Hash: NOV 13 or 14, HARE NEEDED!

On-On and if I forgot anything, FYYFF. Gotta take care of my cripple now.



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