Thursday, June 26, 2008

So we had a hash, Friday June the 20th, 2008 AD.

Actual Blue Hen Hashers Present: ( A surprisingly high turnout)

Toxic Waste
Squats on Request
Just Tom (Tom U.)
Mary Fucking Poppins
Just John (Who’s wife finally let him out of the house since he stumbled home from the 15th Anniversary Run).

Hashers from other Hashes Present:

Pickle Dick Lick It and Stick It
Sir Jacks A Lot Lickity Split
Dazed and Confused Just Tina
Just Gary Some little Bastard that Just Tina brought
Crusty Calves Mounts Me
Hot Pants Gay Blade
Wick Wacker

DeathWish and Yeast of Burden were hares.

The slobbering pack met out in the parking lot in front of the Newark Reservoir around 7pm, HST. The hares provided some of us Jell-O shots and Schaefer beer, whilst we waited for the rest of us. People, who were on the BH4 mailing list, heeded my last minute advice about parking at Timothy’s, which paid off, sort of. At about 7:25, Death Wish took off, for another one of his famous, live-hared-pub crawl thru the woods trails. Up the hill towards the reservoir he went.

On! On!
About five minutes later, the slobbering pack, stumbled up the hill, and went down the paved path, only to find a check, with the trail going right down the hill again, but in a slightly different direction. After a couple minutes, and thru a couple bushes we found a BN with the hare nearby, holding on to a Tupperware container full of alcoholic cherries. So we munched upon the cherries, next to a recycling bin, as Death Wish left to hare the rest of the trail.

On! On!
We ran around Pine Brook apartments for a bit; Yeast of Burden and a few other people almost got eaten by somebody’s dog. Out to Papermill Rd. we went and took a left down thru into the parking lot of the Church of The Nazarene, where we came to a check. Impatient as we were to find the next beer stop, instead of looking to see which direction trail was supposed to go, Pickle Dick asked some guy walking his dog which direction he might have seen a guy running and dropping marks of flour, he pointed to the right, and a few seconds and a few patches of poison Ivy later, we found the hare with our beer. The hare quickly booked down the trail whilst we finished our beer.

On! On!
We came to a Turkey- Eagle Split. And the Turkey trail ended up being twice as long as the Eagle Trail. The trails converged by the place known along White Clay Creek, known to us locals as “The Damn”. And Across “The Damn” there was Death Wish holding a jug of his famous brew, I don’t remember what its called but its made with Turkey Hill brand Iced Tea. But before the Eagles could cross the raging river, we had to climb over the fence like structure, that I think controls the flow of water from the local drainage system. Quato had an especially fun time doing that. We drank upon the rocks and sand of the “The Damn” while Death Wish went to hare more of the trail.

On! On!
We went through more of the woods and out to Creek Rd. We came across a “Tit Check” where no man shall pass until a lovely lady has bared her breasts before his gaze. Quato and Yeast of Burden got stuck with that. Down Creek Rd. we went and up a hill that goes near the path, near the towers, we found our forth beer stop in a clearing in the woods. We enjoyed our brews as the sun finally went down The little bastard, (And that’s not his Hash Name), played games with a stick lunging at imaginary enemies. And of course Death Wish went to hare the rest of trail.

On! On!
Back onto Creek Rd. we went, and we came across another “Tit Check.” Quato got stuck doing the honors again, but before so, demanded that she get something in return, and only agreed to bare her chest after four fine stallions whipped out their little guys first.

On! On!
We went down White Clay Drive and thru the back yard that used to be Just Doug’s and thru the gravel with the high-tension lines. Back into the woods we went for a little bit until we got to the clearing right by the bridge and right across the road from Timothy’s where we had our final beer stop and decided to circle up. At this point the two people who brought their little bastards with them decided to jet and were quickly replaced by Auto Hashers, Gay Blade and Mounts Me, who couldn’t have seen us, so I guess they must of heard us.

Penalties and awards were dished out. Songs were sung. And we managed to have two namings at the end of the trail. Just Tom, (Tom U.) got named “Sand in Strange Places”, because he said he like to visit the beach houses of his Dad, his Sister and his Girlfriend. We were going to name him “Sand Up the Crack”, but somebody else already has that name. Just John, was going to get named “Limp Wristed…Something” cause he hurt his wrist riding his bike the other day, but for some reason we decided to name hime“Hung Like Pinky.” Hopefully he come out and hash with us again sometime soon. Of course two times in one year is a lot better showing than the average Blue Hen Hasher these days.

We decided to party at Timothy’s for a while after. (Good for the people who followed my advice to park there before hand),where we enjoyed Nachos, and of course, more beer.

All in all it twas another shitty trail. Stay tuned for the next possible Blue Hen Hash possibly hared by Vaseline Alley, possibly the weekend following Fourth of July.

On! On!


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