Friday, May 16, 2008

BH4 Hash this Sunday and Schedule!#?*!!

Hash Sunday
Hare: Skidmarks

"We are having a visitor from BAH3, Peace'O Chum, in Newark on Sunday the 18th. She would like to hash in DE for the first time. So I thought I'd hare a ... [Blue Hen] Hash at 3pm."

Start will be at the Marriott** in Newark, DE
(400 David Hollowell Drive, Newark, DE 19716

Hash time 3 pm....BRING A DRY BAG! This is an A to B hash.


a prelimary sort of schedule for BH4 hashes this summer, if I ever get a day off I might be able to show up to one of these. Since most of you haven't gotten back to me as far as when you would rather hare trail, I can only assume that you are in absolute agreement for whenever I decide to put you down.

So..... Hares for the summer of 2008:

  • May 18th Skidmarks-
  • Memorial Day Weekend- MFP and or Toxic waste and or
    who ever else feels like doing it.
  • June 7th or 8th- Fuk Stik and or MFP
  • Later in June- Butthead/Badlay
  • Early July- Vaseline Alley
  • Later July- I'll forget your name in the Mourning
  • Early August- Beardless Clam
  • Later August- Squats on Request

If anybody has any question, comments, or objections and would like to take it out on someone whos actually been in town this month I suggest you contact our New GM at since he's been doing such a great job staying on top of things, hee, hee,

On! On!



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