Friday, May 23, 2008

Write up!!!

Okay, so we had a gathering of the BH4 for Skidmarks trail in dis-honor
of Peace'O Chum, who was compelled to stay at the UD Marriot for a
seminar. Apparently, said seminar was a two day exploration on the
advancement of higher education attributable to beer pong. Accordingly,
we trudged up and down East Cleveland Avenue and surrounding environs
such as Wilbur street, Main Street, the Christiana towers and newly
build North Campus dorms, and the ROTC training grounds, but a Sunday
afternoon with periodic heavy rain showed a lack of demonstrations of
the fine study related activity.

Chum was cuming to Newark from DC by way of Rumson New Jersey, and
managed to drag back various hash visitors who have in the past graced
us with their presence. Of course, lacking a blackberry, I have no
means of documenting their names, and lacking a working camera, no
photographic evidence. Rest assured, you know and like them, and missed
out by not showing up to greet them. Of course, I do recall
Mi-Koch-Shoots-Blanks, also a drag back from Rumson's Commotion on the
Ocean hash, but as a long time Hockessin Hasher and co-founder of sorts
of the demised Delaware Hash, which was created in opprobrium to both
clothing and running in favor of swill and hot bubbling water and a hash
known to frequent (to the extent it existed long enough to do anything
frequently) Salem Church shopping center and Salsas/Mangos in order to
stay close to both swill and a hot tub, so who could forget him. Of
course, he has left Target Practice in Europe, for which I am sure he
received penalty in circle.

So, other hashers were haskas, Toxic Waste, Devil Woman, Crash Test
Dummy, Wicker Man (aka Mr. Pickwik in tribute to his future in hash
diatribes), just Judy, Skidmarks, Just Nina, a latecumming Mary F.
Poppins, and others (no doubt). We set off through the parking lots of
the Towers and eventually found trail in the Mulch fields, which quickly
progressed to a Mud Slide through vicous nettles into a creek, similar
to that Jewel of the Nile movie. Soon trail picked up and brought us to
creek road, then back to the woods, then back to creek road, then off
into woods and across White Clay and over to Paper Mill, where we turned
and progressed back to civilized Newark where at some point we were
graced with a BN near the former Curtis Paper Mill, which is now plowed
under short of a chimney and set with tents for afternoon tea, no doubt
a grand achievement of government planning in conjunction with the UD.

We then progressed to a check near Newark shopping center, past the
graveyard and Choate St., and over behind Jimmie's former diner for
another BN. Then it was on to Grotto's for the apres, by Eagle through
campus, by turkey up main street, but we simply ran past the apres and
returned to circle and retrieve cars prior to their being towed (you
never know Ewings budget). Haring, awards, and penalties were
attributed lushly, in part with help from the visiting flabongo (.com),
and we moved on finally to Grottos, arriving just as the skies opened.
Beer and abundent pizza was consumed, thought alas, short of any
parmesan sprinkles to the chagrin of Chum. Mary popped in and ate
double his share of pie, complaining about loose bolts and tight bolts
in lower Delaware, or something like that, and his extreme hunger since
he cannot eat in the presence of bolts.

In memorium, all in all, another f'd up hash.



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