Friday, August 01, 2008

Remember, Hash on Sunday

Hey Blue Henners,

Just a reminder, We are still having a hash this Sunday, I think, at 2pm, at 240 Garfield Ave Norwood Pa 19074.

If anybody who still likes to hash that lives the Newark Area wants to carpoole up there, let me know soon, I think its about a 45 minute drive from here.

directions: 95n exit 9b take 420 right at 2nd light onto Chester pike(rt 13) 3rd light make a left onto Amosland rd go over train bridge 1st street past Interboro high school make a right onto Trites ave 3rd stop sign is Garfield ave house is on the corner on the right
park on the street or in the driveway if there is room :)

Oh yeah, this is BC's first time haring solo for us, so lets make sure not to take it easy on her.

On! On!



At August 4, 2008 at 6:00 PM, Blogger Henry Root said...

Great way to communicate your hash! Well done. Back in the UK we use a normal website. See and for our annual AGPU event.

Best of luck

Henry Root


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