Monday, August 04, 2008

Hash Write Up

So we had a hash on Sunday, August the 3rd, 2008 AD.

We had 3 drink stops, a birthday, lots of running, lots of pizza, and lots of people accidentally locking themselves in the bathroom. Oddly enough, there wasn’t lots of whining. Oh wait! This wasn’t a Hockessin Hash, - that would explain it.

Hashers Present:

Weird Al
Mary Fucking Poppins
Panic Button
Thunder Thighs
Beardless Clam- the hare
And many, many others.

The Slobbering pack met up on the front porch of BC’s place on the corner of Trites and Garfield Avenue in Ye’ ole historic Norwood, PA. We enjoyed a few cold Pennsylvania Ales, 10 bucks for a 30 pack- I heard, in the shade for a while, thinking that maybe our GM might so up, before embarking on Blue Hen’s most recent Shitty trail. The hare points us in the direction of the first mark, made by bouncing a flour covered tennis ball, and were off by about 2:41 real time, 2:15 HST.

On! On!
We run down the street, and around the corner and around another corner. We all run past a check and a false cleverly placed. In fact, so cleverly placed that none of us sees it until we backtrack to the last mark after losing trail. Skidmarks and Panic Button keep going the wrong way until they find true trail again, something they did pretty much during the entire hash- clever bastards. Eventually the other 5 of us, are able to find the marks which eventually lead to a BN and a Nissian Exterra, with our hare, and a cooler full of Pennsylvania’s finest brew. We drank our beers by a park that is referred to by the locals as “The Hollow” for some reason. We were entertained by a band that was practicing in their garage near by, with the garage door opened. The slobbering pack took turns kicking a soccer ball around. The hare points to the next mark that is down the hill.

On! On!
We follow trail down the hill, which then takes a turn back up the hill and right back up by where we were drinking beers a few minutes earlier.
=0 A

On! On!
We go past the park and down a road and then down a path that goes past a creek. We encounter a check back 4, and then go back up the rd in the direction we were running just a minute before. The hare is a clever bastard, or in this case a clever tramp.

On! On!
Trail goes through a high school parking lot and thru the back of the high school campus until it leads us down a hill to a place called Ridely Lake, which looks more like a river, for our next BN stop. This time we get to enjoy some pre-made frozen Hurricanes, with the spoons provided, as we watched a few dozen locals hopelessly trying to catch a fish in that place.

On! On!
We follow trail down a bike path, then go up a few hills, over a few bridges, and around a few corners. Skidmarks and Panic Button go the wrong way, again, for a while until they find the trail again and get way ahead of the rest of the pack. Weird Al disappears for a while, then re-appears at the 3rd beer near at a place called Prospect Park. We hung out by a table that old guys use to play checkers on; we had enough old guys with us to make use of it.

On! On!
We go down another street and around another corner. Somebody mooned somebody and somebody flashed somebody. Skidmarks and Panic Button lead the pack the wrong way again and then pick up true trail again. Weird Al disappears somewhere to get his motorcycle.

On! On!
Some hashers follow the true trail to the obvious On In! and some hashers follow the obvious route to the obvious On! In! MFP is first in of the people who continued to follow trail. Bitchard limped his way to the finish and got to be, for the first time in his hash career- as far as I know, DFL. Damn! Getting Old sucks! We circled on BC’s front porch.

Beardless Clam, our Hash Harlot, had to do a down-down for being the only BH4 officer to actually hare a trail this year when scheduled. MFP had to drink for being first in, Weird Al for auto-hashing, Skidmarks and Panic Button for Short Cutting, and Bitchard for being Dead Fucking Last. Gomez, Panic Button, and BC had to drink for being the only Pennsylvania residents who went on a hash based in Delaware that took place in Pennsylvania. Bitchard and MFP had to drink because MFP had thought he heard Bitchard make an announcement on the radio earlier this week. Bitchard had to drink again because it was his birthday.

At the On In we enjoyed veggies and dip, crackers and cheese, several varieties of pizza, ice cream cake,-in honour of Bitchard’s Birthday, and of course, more beer. At some point BC’s lighter disappeared, an investigation is ongoing, and several people accidentally got themselves stuck in her bathroom. BC claimed this was due to an error in carpentry by her father, and not our own stupidity- How sweet of her.

All in All it was another Shitty Trail.

So my dear readers, all 2 or 3 of you………………………………………

Stay tuned for the next possibly Blue Hen Hash, possibly hared by Bitchard and Thunderthighs, possibly on Sunday, August 17th, possibly in North Wilmington. And possibly for a Blue Hen Hash possibly after that, possibly hared by Squats on Request with possible help by Thfkas, possibly around Newark somewher e.

On! On!


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