Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hash write up

So we had yet another hash on Sunday, August the 17th, 2008 A.D. Our 9th, I believe, of this year.

We had: Many beer stops, and again, much running. We also had a New Boot, an appearance by our GM Emeritus, an appearance by our current GM, yet another run in with law enforcement, lots of dogs urinating on people, and lots of Chinese food- hopefully without any dogs in it, though I did notice it got into some dogs.

Hashers Present: in no particular order

Devil Woman
Pelvis Chestly
Happy Ending
Thunder Thighs
Turkey Baster
Toxic Shock (Not to be confused with Toxic Waste, who had to watch the kid that day)
Dead Head
Just Karen (Our New Boot)
Just Peter (A recent former New Boot)
And many, many others (For Real!), Including;

Butthead/Badlay Dancing Fool
Death Wish Mary Fucking Poppins
Yeast of Burden Crash Test Dummy
Fuk Stik Snip and Tuck (From Philly)
Bitchard Butt-Light
Slut Master Digital Dick

Bitchard and Thunder Thighs were da hares.

So….. The slobbering pack met out front of Bitchards and TT’s place on 3 Wayne Drive in Belfont, or Bellview or whatever the fuck that place in North Wilmington is called at about 2:pm HST. Before we left for trail got to pour down some Canadian and British brews, in honor of Britain winning three Gold Medals in the Olympics, and Canada winning none. Our GM Emeritus and current GM, accompanied by their partners in crime and a dog, arrived just as we were done the chalk talk. And off and up Carr Rd. we went.

On! On!
The trail went into Bellview industrial park, and then into Bellview actual Park. The hares ignored the three marks in a certain direction being the true trail rule, and many members of the pack got their exercise for the week in by running miles and miles up hills in the wrong direction.

On! On!
Trail eventually led to good ole’ Governor Prince Boulevard and across the road we found……….

State Park Rangers, Oh fucking great! The state of Delaware, in its great wisdom, recently decided to give that toxic swampland under the Railroad Bridge and along the Delaware River the honor of being a part of state park land. We didn’t get to much of a hassle from them, they were just wondering why Happy Ending’s Subaru Outback was parked on the side of20the Blvd. Fortunately, Thunder Thighs had already grabbed the beer out of the car and hid in the bushes under the over pass bridge, and out of site of Delaware’s finest. So we got to enjoy our first Beer Near unintterputus.

On! On!
We went under an Amtrak bridge and then we continued along following trail through the wetlands, fortunately it wasn’t high tide. We enjoyed climbing over rocks, many felled trees and many piles of used condoms and empty beer cans. Thank God it wasn’t long before we found some non-empty beer containers. We had us some pony size bottles of Rolling Rock at the Second Beer stop on the scenic Delaware River. The hare pointed us to a check back, which sent us back to the last check back across Governor Prince. We stopped for a third beer at the same place we stopped for the first. Somewhere around this time, Butthead/Bad Lay and some other people got pissed on by a couple of Dogs, so I heard.

On! On!
Trail went down the Blvd, and then up a street that was up a hill, a very big hill. Fuk Stik disappeared following a false trail, and about half the pack either short cut or jumped into Happy Endings car and went back to the hares place. –Good God people! It’s not like the trail was that long, at least not for a Bitchard Trail.

On! On!
Trail went across a road, and into the woods, and up another hill, and past a lake.

On! On!
The woods led back to Belview Industrial Park, its a miracle nobody had followed that leg of the trail backwards at the beginning of the hash.

On! On!
We trespassed through a few yards of Bitchard’s neighbors, and came back to point A, which was also point B, where we found Dancing Fool, Fuk Stik and a half a dozen other short cutters and auto hashers.

After about an hour we remembered to circle up with a very Rusty Butthead as RA. Since the hares refused to buy any shit beer for the hash we were forced to use refreshingly cold Bass Ale for the down downs. That is, until Dancing Fool provided us some piss warm Keystone Light that he probably found down by the railroad tracks somewhere.
Penalties and rewards were laid out, songs were sung.

MFP got it for first blood, Fuk Stik got it for first in, Just Karen got it for being a new boot, and I got20too drunk to remember who got what for what after that. A sickly looking, auto-hashing, Digital Dick made it to circle in time. But not too sick to drink beer with us- Ha! A seemingly confused or very drunk Butthead, seemed to forget he was running circle, and got pissed on by his dog again. So Fuck Stik took over.

After circle, Bitchard and Thunder Thighs ordered us a whole bunch of Chinese Food, and picked up a case of New Castle’s finest Brown Ale- That’s New Castle, UK – not New Castle, DE, folks. And a great On After was had. It was way better than BH4 deserves. But still, I have to say…………………….

All and All

It was another Shitty Trail!

Stay Tuned for the Next possible Blue Hen Hash possibly hared by Squats on Request possibly around Newark somewhere possibly this coming weekend or the next.

On! On!


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