Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hash write up

So there was a Blue Hen hash on the evening of Tuesday June 26th 2007????

Hashers Present:

Vaseline Alley
Devil Woman
Bad Lay
Crash Test Dummy
Mary Fukin Poppins

And many, many others??

The slobbering, and profusely sweating pack met at the WSFS parking lot in
College Square, and set off for a trail hared by VA about 7:04 pm in the
very humid weather.

On! On!, We went down the sidewalk and into the adjacent industrial
complex where we picked up trail, and down the James F. Hall trail we went. We
came across a ?moon train? mark, but there were no trains to be had.

On! On! We kept going down the trail and kept running into checks, but the
right direction always seemed to be straight. Something Devil Woman
always seemed to figure out, but MFP did not. Some where around Kells Park,
Butthead, Bad Lay and Crash Test Dummy decided to break off and follow a make
believe trail on their own. The rest of the pack that decided to follow
trail found a Beer Near at the opening of Apple Rd, did I spell that right?
The deserters soon caught up and joined us, where we enjoyed Rolling Rock
and the music of David Bowie blasting out of VA?s ride.

On! On! Up apple Rd. we went, passed Elkton and down to Barksdale, though
and around the Rodney dorm complex. We found a second beer near next to
Oakland?s Pool where, unfortunately none of us had a membership. Butthead
split off once again to see if he was too late for his Tuesday night beach
volleyball club. The pack once again joined together and ran up Amstel
Avenue and then to?? Wait! The second or third consecutive Blue Hen Hash where
people actually ran!!!! The whole world must be going to hell, or we?ve
just been in a hurry to get these things over with. So over the bridge and
though campus we went to Delaware Avenue. Through the Galleria Parking lot
to Main Street where we found out to our great dismay that we wouldn?t be
stopping at Grotto?s on a VA trail for once.

On! On! Up Main Street the pack went where we found the On In at the Home
Grown Caf?. Awards and Penalties were handed out. We did downs downs out
of a double shot glass because we were running low on beer and dough. That
is until Devil whipped out her debit card. First In: All of Us. Last In:
All of Us. First Blood: None of Us. We were unexpectedly joined by the
Queen of Hashus Interruptus, Just Jackie (Jackie V.) and her friend Rob.
Jackie drank for interruptus and Rob drank because he was there. Crash Test
Dummy tried to drink out of his water bowel, but kept spilling it all over
the floor. Maybe somebody should get that dog a straw.

All and all it was another Shitty Trail.

Stay tuned for the next possible hash possibly laid by Bad Lay/ Butthead
possibly next weekend.

On! On!

Your nominal GM,


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