Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 14th

Blue Hen Hash Saturday. July the 14th 2007

Where: Papa Rays (formerly Salu Salu) at Rt 4 and Marrows Rd. Newark, De
19713, across the street from Dairy Queen

Hare: Butthead/Bad Lay

WHattime???? HST

Why??? Because Devil Woman has to leave town so Butthead has to go out and
play, hopefully he won't show up too much later than we do.



At July 13, 2007 at 12:36 PM, Blogger MathImp said...

Hey you wankers,

thanks to merryf'npoppins and Mathimp for getting word out (yo, word
out, yo, get your f'n ass to the hash) on Saturday. The hash is at
3:00 PM hash time, may be dog friendly until the apres, which will
probably be at point A. Start is at Papa Ray's on Marrow's road, near
Route 4, behind the Exxon, next to the music store and the dollar store.

If you are pretty sure you'll attend, email me, and I'll get mo better
beer, and set a mo interesting trail. Otherwise its a 6pack of
something I like and some crappy extra cheap beer.

Oh, I need to get back on the email list, as my old address at snip is

Hash cash: Same ol $5, much cheaper than the Dartashalon Hashtille Day
in Philly, and with no shit from Cunting Season and the other wankers.

And of course, much better disorganization.

On on,


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