Monday, June 18, 2007

So…….. There was a hash last Saturday of June the 9th 2007.

Hashers Present:
Toxic Waste
Cums Early
Devil Woman
Kojack Sack
Beardless Clam (A Visitor or a possible future Blue Henner)
3 or 4 Dogs

And many, many others

The Hare: Your nominal GM Mary Fukin Poppins

The BH4 met in front of the Rite Aid at Park and Shop. We set off on the
mostly assfault trail around 2:27 p.m.. Down Elkton Rd. we went and up New

On! On! We pass a metal sculpture of a Blue Hen around the towers area
where many new buildings are being constructed.

Butthead and a dog break away from the pack and zoom far ahead and run
right through the 1st beer stop, a grave offense. He also stopped to talk to
a person on every corner of every street we went down, but couldn’t get
any of them to hash with us.

Kojack Sack breaks away from the pack and zooms far behind, because his
two puppies got too tired, and misses the 2nd beer stop, a grave offense.

On! On! We stop for beers and waters in someone’s backyard, on North
Street, that the hare sort of knows but wasn’t there at the time. Some
blonde chick, hopefully a future hasher, looks out her window at the BH4
terrified. But I didn’t get to see her and have no idea what she was
wearing at the time. I heard she looked real good though.

On! On! Down Wilber street we go, and down Cleveland Avenue and up North
College and Down South College to the James F. Hall Trail, and stop for
beers In Cums Early’s backyard, where we find Butthead and Loki the dog.

On! On! The pack goes up West Park Place and into Towne Court, for the On
In, where we find Kojack Sack. I don’t know how he found the On In.,
there’s no way someone would have been stupid enough to call him on his
cell phone while being on trail.

We drink a few beers and eat some potato Chips in the Hares apartment,
which was about 130 degrees inside.Penalties and awards are dished out. Cums
Early was assigned the write up for this hash, but I guess he didn’t get
around to it.

All in all it was another shitty trail. Stay tuned for the next possible
Blue Hen hash on the 26th of June, possibly hared by Vaseline Alley.

On! On!


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