Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hash: July 10th

When: Saturday July 10th
Ok, but what time?: 2:00 pm

But where: Phillips Park
EH?: It's on B-street in Newark DE
There's a B-street?: Yes. Err, I think you should go from 896 onto Ritter and then turn onto left Phillips and then right onto B-street. I'll check this. Sorry, I rode my bike and took short cuts you SHOULD NOT take with your car.
Where's A-street?: I don't know. I think there is one in Wilmington

Hare: Math Imp (and hopefully Water Foul)

Length: eh, 2 miles ish, maybe a bit more
Shiggy: no, no...wait a bit, a bit
Water: you may get a wee bit wet or muddy, but that might depend on the weather
Dog friendly: I think so
Gimp friendly: mostly

If there are any changes I will send them with the directions as to how
exactly to get to Phillips park.

--Mathematical Impossibility, she was 8 before she was 7
(AKA Math Imp)


At July 9, 2004 at 7:13 PM, Blogger MathImp said...

Updates to the July 10th hash:

Hash cash: $5

Getting to B St:
From south of UD: take 896(south college ave),
go over the R.R. bridge,
turn left onto Ritter
(ignore the sign, you can not turn left *only* on
weekdays)and then
turn left onto Phillips
(watch out, street is NOT marked well)
and then right onto B-street

From North of UD: take 896 and turn right onto
Ritter, the road before the R.R. bridge.
Then do the same as above.

Food?: Yes there will be some food at the on-in/on-after


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