Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hash write up: August 14, 2004

August 14, 2004

After the car pool that didn't quiet happen, hashers arrived at the school
(more tan than orange) at nearly hash time.

Not quiet present were:
Toxic Waste (left early: heard rumor of a broken foot on trail)
Vaseline Alley (came late: Tried to follow the trail, lost it, and met us
at the end/beginning. We reopened the circle to make him drink)

Hare: Turkey Baster
Mathematical Impossibility
Water Fowl
Kojack Sack
Title 18
Slut Master (Hockessin Hasher)
Just Derya
Just Mus (short for Muserref)

So after waiting a bit, we were off following a huge arrow. Chalk mark,
chalk mark, chalk mark�..calls of, oh, some of the marks swashed away.
OK, well they were lighter than expected. Several FRB�s ran right past a
check and a false. So down a few streets and into the woods, with
slippery rocks. And a beer check with PBR. And some whining. And we
were off again.

At some point we past a neat outdoor someone memorial theater. And
several cute storybook-ish houses. And more running in the woods to te
very slippery rocks and some mad-dog. And again, we were off down the
slippery rocks. Note to self, when trying to follow marks on slippery
rocks, don�t miss the true trail arrows.

Then there was a bit of running through the woods and some hashers got a
bit off trial on the way to the on-in. several off trail at on-in. And
there was a circle. First in was Math Imp, proxied by Water Fowl. Last
in was just Derya. Our visiting hasher also drank. ON the walk back to
our cars, we found out how close we were to the parking lot. Silly hare
brought beer through the entire hash, instead of just bringing t from the
car to the end. And we were off to Turkey Baster�s house to eat some meat
product and snacks.

Other information of note:
Next hash: Aug 26th, a Thursday: toxic waste has been nominated to at
least help plan trail. We hope he is not on crutches.
Aug 29 and 30: upper class move in for UD. Do we need a bar/campus

Hash business card: (opinions)

There were some photographs/hash evidence taken, which may be added to the

Let me know what I missed, so I can fix it for the blog.




At August 22, 2004 at 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the first paragraph, "(more tan than orange)" should say "(more tan
than orange unless it's in the sunlight, in which case it would be more
orange, though nobody observed that except the hare one week previously)."

Turkey Baster


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