Thursday, October 01, 2009

hash write up

So we had a hash, Saturday September the 26th, which was number 8 for us of 2009, I believe……

The slobbering pack met up at a quite Barksdale Professional center, on a quite and cloudy Saturday afternoon.

Hashers Present:
Thfkas, Beardless Clam, Troma Queen, Mary Fucking Poppins, Bitchard, I’ll Respect You in the Mouring, Just Erin, Just Silver, and many, many others.

Toxic Waste was the hare, and decided to make it a hobo themed hash, in honor of the great CSX train tracks that most of the trail was on, and in honor of the piss-warm, bad quality, but effective, booze that he served to us.

About 2:00 HST the pack decided to part, figuring nobody else would show since there were 3 much bigger, but certainly better, hashes going on in the quad state area.

On! On!
The hare drew the arrow pointing to the back of the parking lot and into some shiggy. And, down! down! down!, the steepest and most treacherous hill in the world we went, or at least it seemed by how long it took some hashers to get down it. And at the bottom of the hill, the FWB’s notice an arrow pointing to the train tracks.

On! On!
For a little while we go, until we find another arrow, pointing in the same direction we had been going on.

On! On!

On! On!
We find not a BN, but a DN, and so we wait for the hare to catch up to us with the drink. And quite a drink it was, Toxic Waste may have just gotten back from hanging out with Doctor Who, because if his claims are correct, he managed to dump a 1.5 liter bottle of Vodka, into a 1 liter bottle of lemonade. And it sure tasted like it. So we enjoyed the initiation into our intoxication briefly because we had much more trail to go, and

On! On!
What a surprise, we find another arrow… going in the same direction we had been going, and then another one. We cross over the bridge at Casho Mill Rd, but unbelievably, a train did not come rumbling down, or any other time during this hash. We look behind us and see a late arriving Bitchard, dashing to catch with us, and the only one who had thus far a need to actually run on this trail. Toxic Waste served him a double of that toxic waste he was packing in his back pack, and

On! On!
We find a BN, this time, and the beer is there, sitting next to a makeshift grave site of somebody’s pe t, I guess, I hope. We enjoyed piss warm Beast Lite, on this not piss warm day and we are back on our way.

On! On!
We finally find an arrow pointing in a different direction and off the tracks, down a hill, and back into some shiggy. The FWB’s at this point, BC and MFP, find a falsly marked trail without a false or a check for that matter

On! On!
We at some point hook up with BH4’s most commonly used resource, the good Ole’ Mason Dixon trail, and find another beer stop. Several hashers discuss haring trails in the near future that they’ll probably forget to do. Just Silver and Just Erin enjoyed Capri Suns and stomping down vegetation.

On! On!
We come out to barksdale Rd, and then take right into the Country Hills development. For a brief time, Bitchard, BC, and MFP, decide to run, and run past the marks going to the obvious point B. But still end up back near the front anyway. The trail ends at Toxic Waste’s pad. We circle up eventually….
And enjoyed pizza and salad and more Beast Lite, and some popcorn I think, but I don’t think that was for us. I’ll Respect You in the Mourning arrived later on. And Fuckstik and Pelvis Chestly were present via the speaker phone.

All in all it was another shitty trail, and damn how uneventful. A hobo hash with no train going by and no police chasing us, and no one getting charged for endangerment of a child?!!!

Oh well, you can’t get it right every time.

Stay tuned for the next possible Blue Hen Hash possibly two weeks from now possibly being hared by Bitchard.

On! On!


*Quad State Area: Where Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, kind of, sort of, almost come together. This is, not to be confused with the Tri-State Area of Pennsylvania,20New Jersey and Delaware, or the DelMaVA peninsula/ Chesapeake Bay state area of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.


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