Thursday, August 20, 2009

write up, 2 hashes in the past

And so the pack gathered at the school near Tom’s for a trail hared by
MFP. HFKAS, Toxic Waste, Devil Woman, Crash Test Dummy, visitor Amber
Alert, Forgot your name in the Morning, a special guest appearance by
Welcome to my Birthday Suit and two friends of hers, Wick Wacker, Dirty
Wet P*ssy, Bearded Clam, Tee-Bagger, Hanna Job, GM Turkey Baster, his
friend Ranee (well shielded from the sun, though not the heat), some
other now nameless virgins, today’s scribe Butthead (bad lay), and
perhaps some other folks. Hmmm, was GIA there?
Well, we drank a bit, shopped for haberdashery, and caught up with
WTMBS, now a rarely attending Lehigh Valley hasher who was travelling
back from Richmond, and heading to Zoo Jersey for a concert en route
back to Richmond, so she could then head home to the Allentown area.
My, what a confused route she follows, which brings us to our trail.
The Lehigh valley hashers departed, lest they miss their concert, and
the pack departed, lest they miss trail. ON On. And it seems there
were marks. After strange yelps by Butthead, and trail diversions, we
progressed north along the Christina River headwaters, roughly following
the Mason Dixon trail.
Ahh, heat and heat, and sunshine, and a wee bit of shiggy and shade as
we left trail and progressed through Fairfield to the Beer at Fairfield
park. From there we migrated to another beer near by George M. Wilson
park, celebrated civil rights activist (best I recall, as Newark has no
info on their site for either the facility or the GMW park). There HJ
enjoyed a smoke, attempting to re-corrupt our hare and TB, whose
frequent cough has little to do with the disease for which she is
named, and several beers, as we mooned the construction crew working at
the new apartments going up, and attendees the the Wilson park pool.
On On, and so we continued, somewhere, and somehow got back into the
neighborhood across the street from the school @ which we started, and
found our way to MFP’s childhood home. We gathered, ate chips, and
verified no one was home, and descended to the basement for circle,
where HFKAS made sure everyone consumed for a many mindless reasons, and
I reviewed MFP’s brothers 8th grade desk and collection of honor roll
report cards. Eeegh Gaad, I may have to barf. Crash Test Dummy nosed
around, finding beer puddles to drink from and “toys” to chew, and in an
odd twist, Turkey Baster was injected with a saline solution. Pizza was
soon reported on premises, as the driver wanted to be paid, and Tee
bagger went to the grassy knoll beside the hill, as it was too hot in
the shade of the porch, and we ate pizza and remaining chips. The hare
was most gernorous in feeding us copius amounts of pepperoni and pizza,
and beer was plentiful as well, until it ran out.
On on…Directions were given back to the cars, and various mis-directed
routes back were followed by most. And then we…..left, went home, and
slipped into bliss. Though tea-bagger begged we attend the
neighborhood top of the hill for more Yeunglings, and we resisted.
Ok, add your own details, because my mamories are sagging. On out,


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