Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hash details: May 31st

Now, with enhanced location details!
What: Hash
When: Sunday, May 31, 2:00 pm
Where: Glasgow Park, 3rd parking area. Directions below.
Who: You, me, and beer.
Why: You and beer.
How: Beer.
Hash cash: $5

Glasgow Park is at the corner of 896 and 40.

From Newark, head south on 896. Turn left onto 40. Go through one light,
then U-turn just in front of M&M Flooring (largish building on the left).
Turn right into park entrance. Park at the 3rd parking area.

To get there, drive through the first parking area at the entrance and follow the main road back and around to the left. Pass the 2nd parking area on the
left with the playsets. Park in the next lot on the left, next to the
fenced-in blacktop areas.

Turkey Baster


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