Thursday, October 19, 2017

Post Lube Sunday October 29th

Post Lube:

Your GM has now decreed that there shall also be a post-lube ramble on Sunday October 29th, 2017 A.D. around 3pm at Catherine Rooney’s in Newark, 102 E Main St, Newark, DE 19711,  following our 25th anniversary. 

No hare, no trail, no hash cash, and no pre-registration required. Just drop by if you feel like it for a drink or a bite, and watch Newark’s Famous Halloween parade go by, which may feature a few former and current attendees of the hash, that we can wave to and possibly embarrass. 

Halloweenie costumes encouraged but not required. As well as bringing candy to hand out to the ravenous children who get worse than the squirrels at Washington Square park at this thing. 

If one wishes to avoid the annoying traffic and parking situation downtown, possible alternatives include parking up by Necro and Pubes place around the Fairfield Neighborhood and walking down, or parking at Curtis Mill park on Paper Mill Road and doing the same.

On! On!


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