Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BH4 25th Anniversary

The Blue Hen H3 will be celebrating 25 years of idiocy: come join us!
What: A great trail, heaps of beer, camping, idiocy, and TOO MUCH FUN.
When: 2 pm until dusk, Saturday, October 28th.
Where: Susquehanna State Park in Harve de Grace, MD
Trail Details: Great trails, chicken/eagle split, food, beer, and inanity.
What can I bring: Dogs and kids are welcome.
Lodging: Book a campsite or a cabin at the Susquehanna State Park on the Acorn Loop.
Other notes: There will be a pre-lube and post-ramble, details to be determined. We might have the prelube in NewArk, DE, but we may do it at the campsite, so book your site as appropriate (most of us are booking Friday on the Acorn Loop, just because).
   Fuk Stik


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