Monday, May 31, 2004

Counter hash write up

So while the rest of the bh4 were out in the jungle
fighting off 8 ft tall bushes and mud and the like there
was a counter hash at timothys for those of us unable to
make the start time for the MD one (ok really it was those
of too lazy to chop down bushes and were scared of ticks.)

Who was there- Kodak Moment, Troma Queen, Miracle on Blue
Street, Just Julie, Reacharound, Just Derek, and ani zona
shel ochel were all there plus some others...and He needed
the money showed up late

Troma Queen laid trail from the bar to the table and
everyone commenced drinking and giving the waiter a hard
time. We ordered a pitcher and a half of beer and nachos
while watching some baseball game... all i remember is that
it looked like christmas. There was a red team and a
green team.... and the pitcher looked like he was bouncing
the ball off the ground it was disturbing...

There was no shiggy unless you count dodging rugrats while
trying to get to the bar and bathroom.

Kodak was named FRB and He needed the money was named

Just Derek finished off the last of the beer and circle was

A fun time was had by all.....

Troma Queen


At May 31, 2004 at 3:07 PM, Blogger MathImp said...

one addendum to the counter hash...

there were games also...

Kodak Just Derek and Just Seth played Basketball with Troma
Queens Cleavage.
Unfortunately noone got negid and no flashing occurred...

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